Treat your vaginal yeast infection with apple cider vinegar


You may be wondering how apple cider vinegar can help treat vaginal infections (yeast infection, candidiasis, etc.)

You should know that apple cider vinegar has been used for a very long time by naturopaths for these very beneficial effects on health, but no scientific study has so far proven its effectiveness.

Apple cider vinegar: a health ally

This situation has changed recently with the development of large scientific studies which have clearly demonstrated the health benefit of daily consumption of apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar helps to detoxify the body is an excellent source of 45 different vitamins and minerals. Using regularly it also allows the liver to evacuate toxins, improving certain problems such as arthritis, cholesterol, blood pressure, and even asthma.

With the development of modern medicine, natural treatments have tended to disappear, although they are often a more respectful solution for our body.

If you are therefore interested in treating your yeast infections and candidiasis with apple cider vinegar, here are my recommendations for use:

Apple cider vinegar used with a tampon

Apple cider vinegar is relatively acidic and helps restore a good balance of ph and vaginal flora.

How to do

One treatment that works in particular is to soak a tampon in vinegar and put it directly into the vagina. Leave it for one to two hours and remove it. Often times, the effect will be immediate and you should feel much better.

Apple cider vinegar used orally

Using apple cider vinegar directly into the vagina produces quick and often immediate effects. But consuming this vinegar every day in a glass of water is also extremely effective.

How to do

3 teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water before meals. This makes it possible to fight effectively against the infection. Many women have seen their health improve.

It is also a treatment that you can continue even if your infection is gone. Plus, it’s a great way to stay in shape and prevent yeast and candidiasis from returning.

Apple cider vinegar in a bath

Another effective method for this product for multiple use

How to do

You can simply pour 1 to 2 glasses of vinegar directly into your bath, relax and leave it on for 20-25 minutes. (You might also like baths with Epsom salt)

Make sure you dry yourself off well, you can then complete your treatment with the application and insertion of a plain yogurt tampon.

A little secret: the combination of apple cider vinegar and yogurt can be terribly effective.

What type of apple cider vinegar to choose?

In order to obtain convincing results, it is important to choose the right vinegar. I advise you to take a bottle from organic farming, raw and unfiltered.

Here is an example of good vinegar and organic:

Bragg, organic apple cider vinegar

Treat your vaginal yeast infection with apple cider vinegar
Photo Cerdit:

Those found in supermarkets are likely to be quite ineffective. It’s a very small investment at first, but you’ll have a hard time doing without later.

You will surely also appreciate our article on anti fungal probiotics.

The use of this vinegar is therefore a good element in the development of a natural and effective treatment.

Remember that a balanced diet is also very important.

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