Week 22 of pregnancy – 24 WA

Baby’s 22st week of pregnancy

Our baby measures about 30 centimeters from head to tailbone, and weighs just over 550 grams.

His development

The movements of our baby are multiple and we feel them well. He moves his arms, legs, and kicks. There is still enough room to do somersaults in the amniotic fluid. You can even feel if he has hiccups!

Our baby is crossing now phases of wakefulness and sleep (the longest). We can notice that it is often when sleeping that he is the most active, as if finally our phases of awakening (when we move or walk) rock him in utero. Her eyes are still closed but are lined with lashes, and her eyebrows appear.

Week 22 of pregnancy on the mother-to-be side

Ah, we remember the very beginning of pregnancy, when we wanted so much to have a nice round belly. Now there it is! We really look like a pregnant woman! And inevitably, our center of gravity shifts. Our back is hollow, the belly moves forward and we begin to walk like a duck.

Our advice

We risk having back pain (damn!). Sciatica is common during pregnancy. Also, we protect ourselves by not carrying heavy things, and above all, when we can, we lie back flat on the ground, tilting our pelvis so that our spine unrolls and each vertebra touches the ground. Pool sessions would also do us the greatest good. We prefer shoes with small heels to stiletto heels which, in addition to being dangerous, accentuate the arch of the back. Finally, if you need it, you opt for a pregnancy belt. Our other anti-back pain tips …

Our memo

Remember to take vitamin D. It is taken as a single 100 IU drinkable ampoule at the start of the 000th month of pregnancy. It allows the absorption of calcium, necessary for the baby’s bones and whose needs increase by 7%.

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