Finally it will be under epidural


“I can’t take it anymore, I press the button to come and see me. The midwife (always the same) asks me if I want an epidural. While I didn’t want it at the start, I said yes. She auscultates me, the neck is 3-4 cm away. She asks me to take the things for the baby, the fogger and she comes back to pick me up in 15 minutes.


Arrived in the delivery room, I put on a shirt, and Sébastien a chemist’s coat. Céline prepares the material for the epidural. She puts the infusion back on me twice, since the first shot, it misses me! “You have beautiful veins, but the skin is hard…” I also have a beautiful bruise. I am given to drink a medicine that prevents vomiting due to contractions, barely swallowed I get nausea… but it stops quickly.


The anesthesiologist arrives, he seems cold and distant, but at the same time he has a great responsibility. Sébastien has to go out. Céline reassures me, she holds my hand, helps me breathe and explains to me what is happening. The epidural put on, I feel “zen” and the word is weak! I’m “high” and I laugh all the time … To be relaxed, I am, and I breathe deeply. I’m 5-6cm away, come on baby, it’s coming soon. We discuss with Sébastien and also with Céline, I do not feel all the contractions, and I am well.


I am 9 cm away, I am being given the antibiotic because I broke the pouch more than 12 hours ago. We let the baby engage a little on his own, I can’t wait to have him against me.


Céline ends her shift, and it’s Maryse who takes over. I would have liked it to be the same person, but she has to finish working one day. The new midwife empties my bladder to facilitate the passage.


Maryse tells me it’s good, I can push. She makes me blow into a balloon that Sébastien pinches. She also makes me hold the bars to the side, but I can’t do it with the front ones, they’re too far away. She sees the baby’s head, but he can hardly come. She calls the gynecologist on duty to use the suction cup, I panic a little. I don’t want my baby to go through this. Everything is ready when needed, the suction cup is out. The gynecologist arrives very relaxed, he leans on my knees placed in the stirrups … Does that make the baby come out faster ??? I concentrate, I put all my strength and finally the baby starts.

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