Video of the meeting with Alexey Pokhabov “The importance of nutrition in the development of the Spirit”

In the Vegetarian lecture hall, Alexey Pokhabov, winner of the Battle of Psychics project, head of the Arcanum Personality Development Center, spoke about food for the first time. About why many are now trying to change the diet, but in the end it ends in failures and does not bring benefits. Why did he decide to become a vegetarian. How and Why Diet Affects Spiritual Practices.

To everyone who was not, and to those who were, we offer you to watch the video of the meeting:

next meeting in the lecture hall:

. The theme is “Myths about Enlightenment”. James is a direct student of several enlightened Masters at once: Jiddu Krishnamurti, Adi Da, Punjaji, Gangaji, Ramesh Balsekar, Swami Muktananda).

On the instructions of his teachers, in recent years he began to actively transfer his knowledge and experience to people, to give techniques for spiritual awakening, combining business, personality and spiritual development into a single whole. The key direction of his teachings is to achieve the harmony of man in the world and peace in man.

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