Vegetarianism and I+ blood type

There is a fairly widespread opinion that the owners of the I + blood type need animal protein. In this article, we propose to consider the view of a vegetarian publishing house on this issue.

“These kinds of dietary fads seem to appeal to a lot of people because they seem to have a logic. We are all different, so why should we stick to the same diet? While each organism is truly individual and unique, we firmly believe that for any blood type, a vegetarian diet will be the best diet for a person. We must not forget that some people suffer from hypersensitivity to certain products, such as wheat or soy. In such cases, it is recommended to avoid certain foods even if you are a vegetarian. According to the Blood Type Diet, those with I+ are expected to eat animal products and have fewer carbohydrates, as well as vigorous exercise. We do not risk calling this statement a universal lie, but we do not intend to recognize such a point of view. In fact, you can hear from many people that when they stopped following any diet and started eating just balanced plant foods, their health improved. In fact, I myself () belong to the first positive blood type and, according to the above theory, should feel good on a meat diet. However, from an early age I was not attracted to meat and I never felt better than after switching to a vegetarian diet. I’ve shed a few extra pounds, feel more energized, my blood pressure is normal, as is my cholesterol. It is difficult to turn these facts against me and convince me of the need for meat products. My general recommendation is to eat a balanced, plant-based diet full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.”

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