Vegetarian editors recommend: what to give on February 23


Vegan shoes Native 

Original and always. And what is interesting – it is enough to know only the size of the feet! A feature of shoes for vegans and vegetarians is the complete absence of natural leather and similar materials. In production, specially selected fabrics are used, made using modern technologies.

stylish design in classic colors and a wide range of models for every taste. Shoes are durable, light and comfortable. You can not worry about the condition of the feet, even if you spend a lot of time on your feet – the material “breathes” and provides free air exchange. 

Flaska water bottle 

A simple and ingenious invention to have on hand! Normal in appearance, in fact, it is able to change the structure of the liquid. Well, a lot has been written about the benefits of regular water consumption throughout the day – perhaps everyone already knows this indisputable truth. But with the quality of life-giving moisture, problems are ubiquitous. Bottled water has dubious characteristics, and no one knows what flows from the tap.

TPS technology. This is an innovative silicon programming. The bottom line is that water is subjected to destructive effects when transported to the consumer through pipes. The structure of crystals H2A. In Flaska bottles, the water is reverse-structured and returns to its natural properties. Plus a protective case and a stylish appearance of the bottle. Carrying it with you is a pleasure! 

Grocery basket from

Another gift option for a man that will be useful, bright and tasty! veg products and create an exquisite selection of products that will appeal to a supporter of proper nutrition. Make the set varied, but do not forget about the preferences of the person to whom the basket is intended. Cereals, grains, dried fruits, veg chips and veg sausages, canned delicacies and sweets are a great gift for February 23rd. Remember, all men love to eat – so let them do it with health benefits.

natural products, nutritious ingredients and beautiful design of both individual products and the entire basket. 

Germinator from “Vse Juices” 

If your friend is a raw foodist, then give him a germinator (a blender, a juicer is also a good option).

There is a catalog in it, and there are so many options for special household appliances for a vegetarian in it that eyes widen. You will definitely find a model suitable for solving specific purposes. Germinators are available in several levels, with the ability to germinate seeds with and without soil. The model range of blenders and juicers is focused on any requests.

And another bonus – there is a nice discount for.

Firstly, you will always have fresh and natural products (without GMOs and other frightening abbreviations). Secondly, this is a great hobby – to grow different types of products on your own, prepare any juices and mixtures, and much more. 

Lesson on the simulator “Rule of Caduceus” 

Traditional methods of strengthening the body and oriental practices of working on oneself – this format of relaxation has its own “risk”, because you can get used to it. These are the virtues of qigong technique. But the simulator with a magical name is exclusive! 

The creator of the simulator, Konstantin Mukhin, invented a seemingly simple design based on personal experience in proper muscle stretching, as well as experience in teaching qigong. The directed impact on the joints and muscles corrects the posture and the entire muscular frame. Those who have already had the pleasure of going through a training session on the simulator talk about the powerful psychological effect of the procedure. How, this is due to the impact on the ideomotor reactions of the body (if it is simpler, the connection of the physical and emotional state). 

classes under the supervision of an experienced instructor, the use of various techniques and work with such problem areas of the body as the spine. It seems like a simple exercise, and your spine seems to be stretched, relieving pain and tension. With a sedentary lifestyle, this is especially tempting. 

Ecotour to Crimea 

Travel is the best gift. It allows you to switch from worries, learn new things and get vivid emotions. Look at the tour – here is mountain air, ecologically clean nature and outdoor activities. Eco-territories (organic farms, eco-camps and camps) have a developed infrastructure designed in a natural format – accommodation in a tent camp or simple houses made of natural materials, vegetarian cafes and separate areas for recreation, games and communication. And interesting lectures from well-known instructors are waiting for you – you definitely won’t be bored!

A man needs to rest (from work and everything else). So why not go on a little adventure, huh? 

Books about self-development

If you read, then read something worthwhile! This is the motto of most men who find it very difficult to force themselves to open a book. But high-quality literature on self-development contributes to the expansion of the boundaries of the worldview.

Here is a small list of useful “men’s” books:

1. Neil Fiore “An easy way to start a new life” – will help you get out of the crisis at any age.

2. Tina Seelig Do It Yourself is a helpful book for aspiring entrepreneurs. Yes, and for experienced businessmen too.

3. Kelly McGonigal “Willpower: how to develop and strengthen” – well, you understand what …

4. Hugh Weber “Dude to Father” – baby born? Then read on!

5. Larisa Parfentyeva “100 ways to change your life” – motivating stories for everyone.

6. Sharon Melnick “Stress resistance” – useful for every day.

7. Brian Tracy Get out of your comfort zone. Change Your Life is one of the cult books on self-development.

8. Eric Bertrand Larssen “On the Limit” – a unique intensive for 7 days. The author says that it is used in the Norwegian special forces.

 not just useful and developing reading, but also the acquisition of important practical skills. 

Yoga membership at Dr. Ravi’s Bajarang Yoga Center 

Inspire your man to try yoga. Is he skeptical of her? This is normal: 9 out of 10 men like to joke about yoga. I’ll tell you for myself: until my wife made me try a few exercises (it turned out that only the basic ones – she took pity on me), I considered yoga more of a marketing project than a real sport. Now everything has changed. So donate and let yourself be tested!

yoga attracts the comprehensive development of the body and personality. In addition to physical improvement and strengthening of individual muscle groups, a person develops spiritually. And in this school there are also instructors straight from India … 

Fucus VIRIDI for health, endurance and training 

have such a large supply of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that their description would take a whole page. On the basis of fucuses, special mixtures are created that provide the body with a sufficient amount of useful elements. A nice bonus – until March 8, a 50% discount is valid with the promo code “vegcard”. 

natural and nutritious product, useful for sports and active life. 

Cosmetics for men “Levrana” 

Like it or not, a man needs 100 times less cosmetics than a woman. And it’s great! And if you also choose a shower gel, deodorant or shaving cream with a natural composition and a pleasant aroma, it will be doubly pleasant. Levrana has, which is based on natural acids, plant extracts and extracts from the most exotic fruits. Comprehensive skin care and nutrition is very important for everyone, regardless of gender. 

safe compositions and democratic prices. 




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