Vegan food for a baby prone to allergies


The Internet is full of wonderful recipes for delicious and very healthy vegan breakfast dishes. But ask yourself the question: do you want to get up an hour and a half earlier to cook this amazing breakfast for the whole family? Not on Sunday, but on Tuesday? Hmm, probably not. So let’s move on to more realistic projects.

For a workday breakfast, opt for simple 2-3-ingredient recipes like vegan pancakes. Just exclude milk and eggs from the long-known “grandmother’s” recipe (and replace salt and sugar with maple syrup or honey if possible). To bake delicious pancakes, all you need is nothing: chickpea flour, bananas, and a little water! Mix it all up and get a delicious dish that is not dangerous in terms of allergies. Skill and time will be required minimally, and the household will be satisfied and full!

Why are we talking about pancakes? They have a big advantage: they can be rolled out in advance and put in the refrigerator (from the evening, for tomorrow), or even frozen.

Another tip: learn how to cook muffin cupcakes, the Internet is full of recipes. It is quite simple and will allow you to diversify breakfasts – and the children will definitely be delighted! In addition, muffins, like pancakes, can be blinded in advance and hidden in the refrigerator “for later”.

And the third recommendation is to soak quinoa in the evening, and in the morning make quinoa porridge with fruit. Do not forget to remind the children that this is not a simple porridge, but very tasty, healthy, exotic and magical. Quinoa “sleeps” perfectly in the refrigerator, even gaining flavor. And, of course, if you have fresh berries, they are wonderful to decorate quinoa porridge and give it a special charm.


If you are tired of preparing the same healthy, but boring dishes for lunch, then diversifying your meal is very simple: cold or hot sandwiches! Sandwiches and toast, especially with dietary gluten-free bread, are very easy, fast and fun. You can even entrust part of the recipe – which does not involve working with a knife or with a hot pan or oven – to the child. A sandwich is not “just bread”, it can only be a thin base for a whole “tower” of fresh, sliced ​​vegetables – for every taste, including avocado sandwiches! Spread hummus on bread, healthy cereal or pittas (whether reheated in the oven or not) for a hearty meal. Of course, do not forget about the opportunity to make sweet sandwiches (including with homemade jam or honey) – and lunch will no longer be a problem.

Creamy vegetable soups are also good for lunch, which are quick and easy to prepare, especially if you have a blender. Instead of milk and sour cream, coconut milk goes well in crepe soup recipes. Replace white bread with gluten-free tortillas!


When dinner time comes, children often begin to act up: they are tired from the day. Therefore, your task is to cook something that will not fly into the trash can and will not become a cause of contention for the coming dream.

And here the magic word comes to the rescue: “pizza”! Well, what child will wince at the word “pizza” ?! You just need to approach the matter responsibly and choose a healthy option for frozen pizza on gluten-free bread, or purchase the right ready-made crust, and prepare the vegetable filling yourself.

Of course, you won’t eat pizza every night. Choice number two is pasta. Try different sauces and pasta dressings, vary their shape every day, and dinner will be a hit! If the choice of gluten-free pasta is important, find and purchase them in advance, you can store them in advance. Just do not look at bright packaging and buy special “children’s” pasta in the supermarket – so bright that they glow in the sun – they (with rare exceptions) have a lot of “chemistry”.

Rice with vegetables is also a win-win and simple option. And if you run out of ideas, take burger buns out of the freezer and heat them up in the oven to please the whole family with vegetarian burgers with a vegetable side dish. If the issue of gluten is acute, you can bake your own bread from gluten-free grain flour for hot sandwiches and burgers (you will need a bread machine).

Whatever you are going to cook, first listen to the wishes of the child. Otherwise, there is much more chance of getting into a mess. But sometimes arrange surprises! After all, you never know which dish your child will become favorite in a few weeks. Do not limit your imagination, and the “weather” in the kitchen will always be good!


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