5 reasons why your office needs to go vegan

Most of us will spend over 90000 hours at work in our lifetime. Taking care of yourself is usually postponed until weekends, holidays, or the only vacation of the year. But what if we could improve the quality of our lives without distracting ourselves from writing another final report? And what if taking care of yourself helped veganism in your office?

We all understand that 90000 hours is a huge amount of time. Here are some reasons why your office should consider a vegan wellness program as an opportunity to create a positive work environment.

1. Your colleagues will be able to get rid of excess weight together.

Forget the line for fast food at lunchtime. Offices often host weight loss challenges, especially at the start of the new year, but they rarely include a plant-based diet program. Meanwhile, a recent study by the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine (KVOM) and the Government Employees’ Insurance Company (GEICO) found that eating a vegetarian diet during work hours made GEICO employees feel completely different both physically and mentally. According to the results of the study, the employees of the company managed to lose weight, which is a good indicator of how a few changes in daily life can affect our health. Employees lost an average of 4-5 kg ​​and lowered their cholesterol levels by 13 points. Consuming fiber and water while on a plant-based diet can also help you lose weight.

2. Your surroundings will become more cheerful.

There is no denying that our energy levels and moods naturally rise when we feel good and our bodies are in great shape. Everyone knows how unpleasant it can be to experience a breakdown after three in the afternoon. Participants in the CVOM study reported “an increase in overall productivity and a reduction in feelings of anxiety, depression, and fatigue.” This is important because lost productivity due to the symptoms and consequences of anxiety and depression costs companies billions of dollars each year. People who go vegan often report feeling more energized, uplifted, and feeling lighter.

3. Veganism can help the whole team lower blood pressure.

It is estimated that 80% of Americans aged 20 and over have hypertension, which means that a huge number of people are at risk of cardiovascular disease. Salt and cholesterol are known to raise blood pressure. Cholesterol is found only in animal products, and large amounts of salt are commonly used in the preparation of meats and cheeses. The situation seems grim, but a vegan diet can help reduce pressure. High blood pressure also affects our brain health. A study at the Alzheimer’s Center at the University of California, Davis found that even slight increases in blood pressure over time can cause premature brain aging. For those who are exposed to high levels of stress at work, it is absolutely necessary to deal with hypertension. A vegan diet high in fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts can significantly reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

4. Your colleagues will be less likely to have to go on sick leave.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in January 2018, 4,2 million people were absent from their jobs due to illness. It is natural to assume that the introduction of a wellness program in the workplace will improve the health of employees and they will be less likely to need to take sick leave. Many vegans claim that after switching to a plant-based diet, they are less likely to suffer from colds and other chronic diseases. A healthier diet means a stronger immune system, which in turn means less time spent in bed with illness instead of working. Companies should see a huge benefit in helping their employees stay healthy.

5. Your office will become more productive.

There is no doubt that replenishing energy, improving mood and improving the health of the team will increase the productivity of the entire office, which will positively affect the business.

When everyone becomes a participant in the challenge, everyone’s morale rises. Good morale usually supports the desire to be more productive. And vice versa, when we feel the decline of the spirit, the decline occurs in the work. And when we feel empowered, we are inspired to work harder. Plant-based nutrition is the key to success.

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