Unique properties of pear

Juicy, sweet, rich in fiber, pears are truly the best friend of both women and men. This fruit is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals and has some important health properties. Regulates bowel movement If you are familiar with the problem with a chair, then pears are a fruit that was created especially for you. The presence of pectin in pears gives a mild laxative effect that allows you to regulate the stool. Gives energy Pear is a natural source of energy for your body. The high content of fructose and glucose presented in this fruit will quickly provide you with an energy boost. Helps with fever Pears have a cooling effect. A large glass of pear juice can bring quick relief from a fever. Stimulates the immune system Thanks to antioxidants, pears boost immunity. Try to eat as many fresh pears as possible in season. Pears are the best fruit for pregnant women This is because the pear contains a large amount of folic acid, which prevents a defect in the neural tube of the fetus.

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