Top 7 Most Useful Vegan Android Apps

Are you part of a multi-million army of active smartphone users based on Android? If yes, then this article is written for you. In it, we have compiled the top 7 most useful free vegan apps that will allow you to be as aware, active and full as possible, wherever you are.

Happy Cow

An application from the well-known site, which collects information about all vegan, vegetarian and friendly establishments: restaurants, shops and clubs. The free version of the application shows all the gastronomically interesting places of the city you are in, as well as reviews about them. Nothing superfluous: a simple interface, not overloaded with unnecessary information – even a person who has not studied English can easily figure it out here. Thanks to Happy Cow, you’ll never have to wander into an unfamiliar city looking for a decent vegan dinner.



Vegan Life

A multifunctional helper app, where both beginners and experienced vegans can find useful information. The creators of Vegan Life themselves write about their application:

“This app is designed to dispel all preconceptions and show how simple and healthy the vegan lifestyle is.

Vegan Life will tell you how to become a vegan, what aspects you should pay special attention to and will offer useful additions, such as a map with Vegan-friendly restaurants and translation of your principles into different languages, in case you need to voice them to the waiter when you are in another country “.

In the opinion of Vegetarian magazine, the following sections deserve special attention:

The reasons: a detailed story about the four main reasons for becoming a vegan – for nature, for animals, against world hunger and for yourself.

How: talks about the tricks in the composition of some products, as well as the benefits and secrets of using such simple ingredients as cashews, vinegar, avocado, tofu, etc.

Travels: Vegan Do’s and Don’ts list in English, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian and Spanish.

Links: links to the most informative vegan resources and significant films about veganism and ecology.

Also in Vegan Life there is a news section and a map of vegan places that you should not rely on: no more than ten establishments are indicated on the entire globe.

The Vegan Woman

Application from site of the same name. It consists of witty and original articles, helpful tips, vegan recipes, news and reviews. Motto: “Common sense, impudence, veganism!” exhaustively characterizes the style of this application. High-quality and user-friendly interface pleases the eye. Through The Vegan Woman app, you can also order clothes, accessories and greeting cards with vegan symbols.




I like ittofu

If you’ve always wondered what can be made from a tasteless tofu bar, then the Nasoya Tofu app will give you a lot of answers to this question. Nasoya tofu with the help of photos and videos will tell and show how to cook any dish from tofu: lunches, snacks, desserts, breakfasts, drinks. The creators of the application approached their business with humor: the sign on its main page reads “Tofu Knowledge College”, and an original joke is attached to each recipe.




Are you sure that the cosmetics and household chemicals you buy are ethical? It’s not easy to figure it out, but if you have the Cruelty-free ethical business guide app installed on your phone, then you’re definitely ready for vegan shopping. If you use this application, then you don’t have to worry that the products you use in your home have brought suffering to animals.





A simple application that displays all the latest videos and news from various resources, marked with the “vegan” tag. Here you can learn a lot: from the news about the creation of artificial cow’s milk by San Francisco biohackers, to information about Jessica Simpson’s pre-wedding vegan diet.





Vegify Vegan

A simple application with vegan recipes. Contains appetizers, main dishes, salads and soups, mainly from legumes. This modest application deserves our attention thanks to its stylish and convenient design.






Text: Anna Sakharova

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