The wealth of Russian herbs – Ivan tea

Fireweed angustifolia (aka Ivan tea) is one of the traditional and incredibly healthy herbal drinks in our country. Ivan tea has been drunk in Russia since time immemorial. It was used as a tea drink long before black tea was brought to our latitudes. This glorious herbal drink is not so popular these days, its benefits are not appreciated by the modern generation. This is probably due to the fact that Ivan Chai has not been widely commercialized on the market. Meanwhile, fireweed is a versatile plant. All parts of it are edible. Did you know that in comparison with green tea, Ivan tea does not contain caffeine, which is not so good for our body. Regular use of fireweed will help with anemia (it is rich in iron), insomnia and headaches. Brewed tea can be used within 3 days, it will not lose its properties. 100 g Ivan-tea consists of: Iron – 2,3 mg

Nickel – 1,3 mg

Copper – 2,3 mg

Manganese — 16 mg

Titanium — 1,3 mg

Molybdenum – about 44 mg

Boron – 6 mg As well as Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium and Lithium.

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