The truth about chicken eggs

What are chicken eggs?

In fact, an egg is a chicken egg, i.e. animal cell. Why do eggs exist in nature? For birds to have children. Is man an egg eater by nature? This is a complete fallacy. Man was not by nature an egg-eater, like a vulture (eater of carrion) or monitor lizard (eater of young birds) or any other cold-blooded predator that feeds on the embryos of birds. Scientists and naturalists, including Charles Darwin, agree that ancient people were vegetarians (they ate fruits, vegetables and nuts). Throughout human history, our anatomy has not changed. Dr. Spencer Thompson also remarks: “No physiologist would argue that a person should live on a vegetarian diet.” Doctor Sylvester Graham writes: “Comparative anatomy confirms that by nature man is a herbivore, supporting his existence by fruits, seeds and mealy plants.” Physician from USA Michael Kleiper in his talks on health, he offers the following: “If you think you are meant by nature to eat meat, try to run into the field, jump on the back of a cow and bite her. Neither our teeth nor our nails can even tear through her skin.” Despite the fact that human physiology (the structure of the body, intestines, teeth, etc.) suggests that the human body is ideally intended only for plant foods, many home-grown “vegetarians” eat eggs, allegedly in order to Enrich your diet with protein. However, eggs, like all other types of flesh, contain much less energy value than vegetarian food – in addition, a living being in the form of an embryo is enclosed in the egg shell, which means it contains dead folded protein and the same products and bacteria for decay like in meat. The food mafia has widely spread the myth about the benefits of protein eggsbut this is an ignorant lie that justifies the business of death. Eggs are not a healthy food for the human body, since this “liquid flesh” decomposes in the human long intestine even faster than meat. In addition to all this, eggs are the cause of the formation of foul-smelling ammonia gases in the intestines. In addition to emerging bacteria and toxins, eggs break all records for cholesterol content, the excess of which causes many diseases. AT eggs contains twice as much cholesterolthan in cheese, and three times more than in lard. Cholesterol (steroid) is one of the types of fat present in our body that our body is able to produce itself, without any need for animal fats. Cholesterol is necessary for the formation of bile salts and some types of sex hormones, and is also involved in the functioning of some cell membranes. A person who monitors his health should stop using animal products (meat, fish, eggs) to prevent an increase in cholesterol in the blood. Despite the fact that milk fat also contains cholesterol, it does not accumulate in the human body, since milk contains lecithindestroying this very cholesterol. The elements contained in eggs (primarily protein) can be obtained easily and in a harmless way from purely vegetarian products. That is why, in recent years, an increasing number of people are moving away from animal foods (cholesterol, saturated fats, mucus, zero dietary fiber, etc.) and are switching to fresh fruit и vegetables.

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