The Snowman in the Movies

To get into the winter atmosphere, here is a program that’s right on the season. Two charming animated films are released on the big screen today: The Snowman and the Little Dog and the Bear. The first cartoon tells the story of a little boy, sad to have lost his dog. He then decides to build a snowman and a small dog, in memory of his own. But, once night falls, the two ice figures magically come to life. And, they take him to the land of Santa Claus for a magical journey. In the second film, a little girl loses her teddy bear in a polar bear enclosure. During the night, she will be surprised to find him. These two opus are adapted from great classics of children’s literature signed by the English author, Raymond Briggs. Sweet illustrations, very catchy music. And also, a lot of poetry. These two speechless cartoons last about twenty minutes each. They are perfect for the youngest. Ideal to get (already) in the Christmas mood.

The wonderful tales of the snow. KMBO films. From 3 years old.  

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