Scientists told which potato is the most rewarding

Once a person decides to lose weight, as a rule, potatoes are one of the first removed from the daily menu. And very vain. Studies show that potatoes not only does not add harm, but also contribute to better health. The main thing is to cook it in a right way.

So, one serving of boiled or baked fresh potatoes contains only 110 calories and a high concentration of nutrients. But the option that is to bring condemnation if you decide to lose weight to deal with health, it’s fried potatoes. Because roasting destroys the lion’s share of vitamin substances, leaving mainly starch and soaked fat.

Not so long ago one of the useful properties of potatoes cooked in their skins was discovered. So, scientists from the University of Scranton (USA) have selected a group of 18 people with excess body weight. These people ate every day 6-8 potatoes in their skins.

Scientists told which potato is the most rewarding

A month later, a survey of participants showed that they had decreased blood pressure average diastolic (lower) blood pressure decreased by 4.3%, systolic (upper) – 3.5%. No one had the weight gain from eating potatoes.

This allowed scientists to prove that the potato is beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

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