Best products for healthy hair

No mask, mouthwash or miracle shampoos will make your hair healthy, beautiful, shining, if there is no support from the inside of the body. Proper nutrition is the basis for all the cosmetic enhancements hair. And if the diet eat foods that are responsible for hair health, the beauty treatments will be more successful, and the result will not keep you waiting long.

What products will give strength and Shine to your hair? Those that contain Biotin, which prevents hair loss, omega-3, vitamin B5 and C, iron and antioxidants.


Best products for healthy hair

And protein, and the yolk helps the hair grow faster and eliminate such unpleasant problem as hair loss.

But there is one dietary secret: so the eggs worked best in hair question, a protein better to eat separately from the yolk. The thing is that the protein interferes with normal absorption of Biotin contained in the yolk and is responsible for the strength of hair.

Therefore, it is better to arrange the yolk and protein meals: eggnog for Breakfast and a meringue for lunch.


Best products for healthy hair

Nuts are often called “mummy hair”, because they are in high concentration contains fatty acids omega-3, Biotin, copper luchschaya their structure and vitamin E that do not allow split ends.

The greatest concentration of these nutrients contain walnuts and almonds, slightly behind them cashews and Brazil nuts.

The advice from the dietitians: all nuts should be eaten in dried, not fried, because when heated they lose a considerable part of useful properties. And, of course, do not overeat the nuts since they are high in calories.

Salmon and fatty salmon

Best products for healthy hair

Fatty fish contain fatty acids omega-3, which means that help to maintain a high moisture hair and scalp. So, the hair becomes soft, manageable and grow faster.

This fish is good in any form — boiled, baked or raw — and better serve or cook it with lemon, because vitamin C is also important for healthy hair.


Best products for healthy hair

These fruits contain the perfect pair for hair: vitamin B5 and beta-carotene.

B5 cures brittle hair and helps against split ends. And beta-carotene in the body is converted to vitamin a and stimulates growth of hair, makes them thicker and shiny.

When there are no fresh apricots, try to include in the menu of the orange vegetables, they have almost the same characteristics. Let often your table will be pumpkin, mango, carrots. But combine them with fats, the only way beta-carotene is absorbed.

Sweet pepper

Best products for healthy hair

Want to delay the time when the hair will need to be painted not by desire but by necessity – eat peppers often.

The micronutrients contained in sweet pepper, help to produce melanin — the pigment responsible for hair color. They are particularly rich yellow pepper. Iron, in peppers, helps the hair follicles receive more oxygen and this causes the hair to grow faster.


Best products for healthy hair

Dark raisins are rich in vitamin C, iron and antioxidants. It clears the blood of cholesterol and rejuvenates the whole body, and hair protects against the harmful effects of sunlight and wind.

Thanks to the raisins, the hair quickly recover after the winter beriberi or experienced person stress.

More about for fr hair watch in the video below:

Top 5 Ingredients to Eat for Healthy Hair!

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