The most coveted souvenirs from abroad named

Gifts that most of us look forward to from friends and relatives who rushed off on vacation outside the country.

The first thing that comes to mind when buying souvenirs is a magnet. However, he will not always be welcomed. In 90 percent of cases, such a gift will be just a waste of money. found out what kind of souvenirs they actually expect from friends and relatives who have returned from a foreign voyage.

“3 thousand respondents took part in the survey,” the specialists of the service specified.

As it turned out, a quarter of the respondents will be most pleased with the sanctioned products: cheese, jamon, sausage and other goodies. Another 22 percent of respondents will be happy to receive a gift of local wine or any other alcohol. Sweets are as popular as magnets: 11 percent of the respondents will be delighted with them. Well, the least popular souvenir is clothes, spices, photo frames and souvenir plates.

Another interesting point. The results of this survey are at odds with what travelers bring. Souvenirs for loved ones are bought by 69 percent of vacationers. 23 percent of them bring magnets, another 22 buy local products or spices. 16 percent of the respondents make a choice in favor of memorable souvenirs such as plates, figurines, paintings, shells, etc. Another 6 percent of respondents go shopping, 2 percent buy jewelry.

What about the remaining 31 percent? And they don’t buy souvenirs at all, they are sorry to spend money on it.

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