What you need to do in your 20s for your future

When you are young, it seems that you will never be old and sick. However, inexorable time is running, and the numbers are flashing – already 40, already 50. No one can protect their future from diseases and problems by 100%. But there is hope! Psychologist, Ph.D., Tracey Thomas talks about those postulates that provide the foundation for future happiness and health, if you start to adhere to them from a young age.

Use your body as a barometer

Does your back pain go away? Does your stomach growl every morning on your way to work? Our body is designed in such a way that it reacts to all internal and external factors. If something does not suit him, then stress, acute and chronic pain and even illness arise. There are people who constantly have something that hurts, and the reason lies outside of medicine. So the body can respond to discomfort and dissatisfaction with life. You can’t just ignore headaches and other pains, you need to look for the root in your mental, work and social life.

Find a job that suits you

Often we first choose a professional path for ourselves, and then we try to adjust our personality to a career. But it needs to be the other way around. Ask the question, what kind of life do you want to live? Work for yourself or for hire? Have a fixed schedule or a floating one? What kind of people-colleagues will be comfortable for you? Will you be held accountable? Combine your virtues and preferences, and find the path that lies in this space. Your future will thank you for making the right choice.

Love yourself before you love another

Young people often look for a solution to their problems in romantic relationships. Falling in love and love can become not a real feeling, but only a mirror for reflection. Such relationships have a bleak future. You need to become a whole person yourself, and then look for the same whole partner for a healthy and happy relationship.

Find the right physical activity

The role of physical education for health does not require proof. But often going to fitness becomes a heavy duty, an unloved job. From adolescence, you can choose activities that give you pleasure and make them your habit for life. Often this choice is what you loved to do as a child. Dancing, cycling along the beach – if this has a positive effect on the emotional state, then such a habit should be fixed for many years.

Learn to listen to yourself

We are so busy that we do not find time to sort out our emotions and reveal problems in time. The best way to thrive in life is to know what makes you happy. Turn off your smartphone and think about whether you feel good with your friends, are you satisfied with your work? By understanding your emotions, you can build a long happy life consciously.

Set goals but be flexible

It is very important to know what to strive for and what to work on. But it is also necessary to leave space for a step aside. You can fall into deep dissatisfaction if you failed to “get married at 30” or “become a boss at 40.” There is also a risk of missing out on interesting opportunities when they deviate from the intended path. Let the main goal be in sight, but you can go to it in different ways.

Chat with friends and family

Burning at work is commendable! The fact that a career becomes a priority is an understandable fact. Labor makes it possible to eat, clothe and have housing. But, as often, having achieved success, titles and prosperity, a person feels lonely … Do not confuse work with interpersonal relationships. Maintain regular contact with friends and family, and don’t let the contacts fizzle out over time.

Realize that everything in the world is interconnected

At first glance, this seems like a cliché. But often people cannot understand that if you hate work, you will not be happy in your personal life. You will be in a burdensome marriage – you will lose physical and mental health. Dissatisfaction in one area invariably leads to problems in another. Useless and unnecessary over the years tightens more and more, so it is important to learn how to refuse. Instead of partying late into the morning, you can get energized through meditation or physical activity. Find like-minded people in what makes your life more harmonious. Otherwise, some failures will give rise to others.


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