New Year with new habits: 6 actionable tips

Start your day in silence

In other words, from meditation. Many mistakenly think that meditation is a Buddhist occupation, but in fact it has nothing to do with religion. Starting your day with 15 minutes of introspection can set your mind on a mindful day. Put your phone down and take time for yourself instead of watching the news feed. Close your eyes, breathe deeply into your belly and visualize your breathing. Visualize toxins being released from your body. Then open your eyes, stand up and stretch up, down and around you. Try to touch your toes and stand on the toes of your feet. This lesson will not take you more than 15 minutes, but by practicing every day, you will notice the result!


We are not talking about running, hard endurance training, two hours of yoga and so on. But did you know that just 15 minutes of light exercise a day can help boost your immune system? Moreover, such activities create new nerve cells in the brain, so daily exercise is a must if you want to maintain and improve its performance. You don’t even need a gym! Use the space at home or at work during your lunch break. Try a light warm-up, 15 minutes of yoga, sit-ups, push-ups, ab exercises. Do you like to watch TV in the evenings? Combine this time with a little exercise! But the best option is to do it in the morning to immediately burn calories and not think during the day that you need to do the exercises.

Make at least one meal healthy

Of course, you can switch to proper nutrition right away, but your body will experience a shock. To prevent this from happening, introduce good habits gradually. Designate one meal during which you will eat only healthy foods without an abundance of fat, flour, salt and sugar. It could be breakfast with a smoothie, lunch with a light soup and a green salad, or dinner. You will know when your body is ready to switch to a healthy diet completely, but until then, eat healthy food at least once a day. Believe me, your body will definitely ask you to give up harmfulness!

Water, water and more water

How many times have they told the world … But the world still resists or simply forgets! We never tire of repeating that a person needs to drink plenty of water. Water is the best ally in the fight against overeating, viral diseases, and hyperacidity of the stomach caused by internal and external stresses. Get yourself a one-liter (or two-liter, if you are already an expert in this matter) bottle and fill it every day with water at room temperature, adding a little lemon juice to it. Drink, drink and drink again!

Do a digital detox

Giving up your phone and computer can be an ordeal, but it’s important! Some of the biggest stresses on our body and mind come from being constantly exposed to radiation from wireless technology. Make a conscious effort and switch off for at least a day, enjoy a wonderful moment with family and friends, do your favorite hobbies, sports, go on a day trip. Use this time to de-stress and give your body a break from digital noise and chatter. Practice this once a week and soon you’ll be looking forward to your “phone-free day”!

Try Healthy Supplements and Essential Oils

Healthy food supplements are little helpers that double the results of your efforts. Find a good source of antioxidants and add them to your meals. One scoop of flaxseeds, chia, a glass of coconut water, and many, many more daily will have a positive effect on your health. We also highly recommend trying essential oils like peppermint, frankincense, lemon, and lavender, which are great for your mood and, of course, your health!

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