The best movies made in the western genre


Western is one of the oldest genres of cinema. As soon as films began to be made in the USA, stories about brave cowboys, Indians, with numerous chases, shootings almost immediately appeared. It can be said that the Western is a kind of hallmark of the United States, it is thanks to the films of this genre that stories about the life of the American West have firmly entered popular culture.

Thousands of films have been made in this genre, most of them nothing but shooting and sparkling adventures, but such stories are shot just brilliantly. However, there are westerns that stand out for their excellent acting, subtle psychologism and an interesting plot. We have selected the best westerns, the list of films below will help you appreciate the beauty and originality of this genre of cinema.


10 Dancer with Wolves

The best movies made in the western genre

This story takes place in the middle of the XNUMXth century. The protagonist settles in an abandoned fort and makes friends with wolves and local Indians. He studies their traditions, culture. Then he falls in love with a woman. When a regular army comes to this region, the main character must make a decisive choice.

The film was shot in 1990 and starred Kevin Costner. Beautiful and original script and great acting.

9. iron grip

The best movies made in the western genre

This film tells about a fourteen-year-old girl who, along with two representatives of the law, is on the trail of the people who killed her father. Traces of criminals lead to Indian territory.

8. Good bad evil

The best movies made in the western genre

This film can be safely attributed to the classics of the Western genre. It was released in 1966 and was filmed by European filmmakers. Clint Eastwood, who is the most important star of this genre, shines in the picture.

The film takes place during the American Civil War. A gunslinger who knows no equal roams the American prairies. He has no relatives, no relatives, no friends. One day he meets two more men who are like two peas in a pod: the same cold and cynical killers.

7. Unforgiven

The best movies made in the western genre

The film, which was released in 1992. One of the first directorial works of Clint Eastwood.

This story is about a criminal and a murderer who decides to end his past, start a family and lead the life of a humble farmer. However, his wife soon dies, money problems begin, and he decides to accept a risky proposal that will completely change his life.


6. dead man

The best movies made in the western genre

This film was released on a wide screen in 1995. The protagonist of the film (played by Johnny Depp) is a young accountant who comes to the Wild West in search of work. By mistake, a reward is assigned for him, and a real hunt begins. He gets hurt but is saved by an Indian.

After being wounded, something changes in the head of the protagonist, he begins his hunt and uses the revolver so successfully that he leaves only lifeless bodies behind him.


5. Once Upon a Time in the Wild West

The best movies made in the western genre

Another picture that can be attributed to the classics of this genre. The film was made in 1966. Famous actors took part in it.

An attractive woman refuses to sell her land and therefore they decide to eliminate her. A famous bandit and a mysterious stranger come to her defense. Against them is one of the best shooters of the Wild West.


4. Django freed

The best movies made in the western genre

A somewhat unusual story directed by Quentin Tarantino. In the center of the story is the freed slave Django, who, along with his white friend, set off on a long journey to save Django’s wife.

3. Magnificent seven

The best movies made in the western genre

This is a classic film made in this genre. He came out on screens in 1960. The film has a great ensemble cast.

A small village in the Wild West is kept at bay by a bloodthirsty gang that tortures and kills the inhabitants. Desperate, people decided to ask for help and protection from the seven valiant horsemen.

2. Legends of autumn

The best movies made in the western genre

An excellent film based on the immortal work of Jim Harrison. In the center of the story is a family living in the American West, their destinies and the life of each of them.

1. Train to Hume

The best movies made in the western genre

This is a brilliant film, full of realism and fine acting. After the capture of the famous bandit Ben Wade, he is going to be sent to Yuma, where he is awaiting trial. However, Wade’s gang members are not going to give up their leader so easily and plan to take him away from justice. They threaten the local authorities. Only Dan Evans, a Civil War veteran, agrees to take on this dangerous mission and put the bandit on the train. He is ready to complete his task, even risking his own life in the process.

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