Yoga mat: which one to choose, what to look for?

A yoga mat is like an island that brings aesthetic pleasure while guaranteeing maximum safety. If your island is extremely uncomfortable, then the quality of classes is also at risk. On an uncomfortable mat, you simply do not want to practice again. To prevent this, let’s look at the main parameters when choosing a rug.


To get the most out of yoga and enjoyment, choose “natural” mats: rubber, cork or cotton. They do not contain toxic dyes, do not cause allergies, do not have a pungent odor. It is always more pleasant to stand on an ecological mat with bare feet, it is more pleasant to lean on hot palms.

From the surface on which you will practice, one way or another you can get energy. If your body is in contact with materials obtained from nature, you will more likely be able to feel harmony. So cotton and cork surfaces are able to give the body a feeling of thermal security. And rubber – to save the skin prone to irritation. On a rubber mat, any of your fulcrum will seem to get stuck in it, which will help you find balance and maintain balance, including mental balance. 

The weight 

The lightest is a cotton rug, it weighs no more than 400 grams, cork is heavier – within 2 kilograms. Rubber mats have a relatively heavy weight, which reaches 3,5 kilograms. The rug can weigh more if a special frame is hidden inside it, which provides powerful grip on the floor. To make it easier, manufacturers often add latex to the composition of the rubber mat. Don’t worry, this doesn’t make the rug any less environmentally friendly. Latex is a natural product that is obtained from the juice of the Brazilian Hevea. Together with rubber, the mat retains all its properties and at the same time has an antimicrobial effect.


If you have chosen yoga relaxation or meditative yoga, then a cotton mat is perfect. But the more intense your training, the more emphasis should be placed on the quality of grip. A soft coating wears out quickly, a harder rubber coating lasts longer. The manufacturers even give a lifetime warranty. Rubber mats, due to their strength and “stickiness”, are able to almost completely eliminate vibrations. And the latex additive works in them as an additional stabilizer.

It is also worth considering that many rugs with a pattern turn out to be a little more slippery, because the application of a paint layer changes its texture and strength. 


A rug is like a toothbrush, everyone should have their own. If you take it to the studio, then spread it on the grass, and do asanas at home the next day, then disinfection is a must. Those who practice Bikram Yoga should be aware that bacteria multiply faster at high temperatures. To protect yourself from troubles in the form of a rash and fungus, it is best to wash the rug after each session. To do this, prepare a simple mixture of water, vinegar, peppermint and eucalyptus oils. Wipe or use a spray bottle, let the mat dry. Ready. Now you can again take the pose of a tree and not worry about anything.

Drawings and colors 

Rug with mandala pattern, desert colors at sunset or multicolor design. You can choose endlessly. If you can’t stop at one thing, follow the laws of color therapy: blue relaxes, yellow brings you into a state of happiness, muted pink relieves irritability. The most creative ones can make an independent drawing and send it to photo printing. You can also play with prints on the carrying case. 

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