Stories from the Murkosha shelter. With faith in a happy ending

This cat’s name is Daryasha (Darina), she is about 2 years old. Under the supervision of her curator Alexandra, she and several cats rescued with her now live in Murkosh. Dariasha’s house is cramped, but still better than she had before. It is not known how the cat ended up near Alexandra’s entrance – whether it was born on the street, or someone threw it into the yard. The girl began to patronize her, sterilized her, waited until her ward got stronger again, and took up her attachment – this is how Dariasha ended up in Murkosh.

Those who have cats at home know how intelligent creatures they can be (for example, my cat, after waiting for me to leave the computer, quickly climbs onto it to warm up, and at the same time turns off the radio that bothers her and blocks the keyboard – it’s time for the hostess rest from work). Dariasha, according to Alexandra, is a cat of a rare mind and character: “Dariasha is a companion who will support you in difficult times, give smart advice and kiss you on the nose!”

The cat creates comfort in our homes. It is she who turns the house into a house, and Friday evening into cozy gatherings on the sofa with a blanket, a mug of fragrant tea, an interesting book and purring on her knees. All this is about Dariasha. She will become an ideal family member for those who are looking for a kind, loving, intelligent and devoted pet.

Daryasha is sterilized, microchipped, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms and is friends with the tray. Be sure to come and meet her at the Murkosha shelter.

Pictured above is Achilles.

A marble-red handsome man, a purr, a creature of the kindest soul, the cat Achilles nailed to the store as a kitten – maybe they threw it, or maybe he himself came to the light with the hope of getting some food … So Achilles lived in the store, did not grieve, kept order, checked the expiration dates of the goods, looked after the discipline of the employees … In general, I was quite satisfied, but one day luck changed the cat – the stall was closed.

Achilles became lonely and scared. For days on end, he sat alone at the closed pavilion and followed with a wistful glance of random passers-by, hoping that they would take him home. So, with the help of caring people, the cat ended up in a shelter. Now the redhead dreams of changing his qualifications – from a “shop” cat to become a domestic one.

To do this, Achilles has all the necessary qualities – tenderness, affection, trust in people. He is only 1 year old, he is healthy, neutered, vaccinated, he even has a real passport, and not just a mustache, paws and tail, he is friends with a tray and a scratching post. Come and see the handsome cat at the Murkosh shelter.

This is Vera.

This cat is a real hero, a real mother, she took care of her children very bravely and selflessly when it was cold outside. She fought for the lives of her kittens, trying her best to give them everything she could. They found her emaciated and starving, and next to her were all her glorious babies. The cat was named Vera, as she is a vivid example of the fact that if you believe in the best and do not lose heart, then nothing is impossible. 

The cat was taken to a shelter, where she lived until on New Year’s Eve Santa Claus saved the best gift for her – kind and caring owners. Milisa, as the girl is now called, has found a calm, long and happy life.

My favorite stories are those with happy endings, like Vera’s. Recently, a big holiday happened in the Murkosh shelter – the number of animals adopted by the shelter has reached 1600! This is a very large figure, given that Murkosha has been operating for only two years. Let’s hope that all other animals, such as Dariasha and Achilles, will have the same happy fate.

In the meantime, come visit and get acquainted with the wards of the shelter.

You can do this by calling:

Tel.: 8 (926) 154-62-36 Maria 

Phone/WhatsApp/Viber: 8 (925) 642-40-84 Grigory

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