Star Diet, 7 days, -3 kg

Losing weight up to 3 kg in 7 days.

The average daily calorie content is 1060 Kcal.

Astrology not only examines the influence of the stars on the fate of a person. Science did not disregard the nutritional issues of representatives of all zodiacal constellations. According to the developers of the star diet, people born under the same sign share similar features of the body’s work (in particular, the digestive tract and metabolism).

To be healthy, we need to eat right and exercise. Let’s talk about it today.

Star Diet Requirements

In the diet of those born under the constellation Aries people must have vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, radishes, peppers) and fruits (apples, grapefruits, lemons). These gifts of nature, in addition to the benefits for the figure and stomach, stimulate the brain, which is very important for the always physically and mentally active representatives of this zodiacal constellation. With a shortage of fruit and vegetable products on the menu, you are in danger of a bad mood, and even depression, as well as deterioration of the liver and kidneys. Try not to lean on fatty foods, it is especially undesirable to eat lard. Usually Aries are not addicted to vegetarianism. For meat, look for lamb, lamb and goat meat. It is known that representatives of this sign love spicy food. Eat onions, garlic, peppers, but do not get carried away with spices. The main melon crop on your table is watermelon. Occasionally, if you wish, you can indulge in beer, hops are your plant.

Taurus are often prone to the accumulation of excess weight, because they love to eat well. To keep your body healthy, moderate your appetite, eat less often, and minimize your wine consumption. The first thing you want to give up is flour products, especially those that contain sugar or any particularly high-calorie additives. Flour and sweet can lead not only to a rapid weight gain, but also to a malfunction of the body’s metabolic processes, in which it becomes much more difficult to bring the figure back to normal. It is very important for Taurus to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, as much as possible protected from other activities and burdensome thoughts. Chew every piece of food thoroughly and enjoy the taste. Representatives of this constellation of the zodiac are prone to thyroid diseases. Therefore, you should abundantly provide your diet with fish and seafood, using them with vegetables. The best choice for meat products is beef. You definitely need to eat enough fruits and berries (apples, pears, cherries, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, plums, persimmons, bananas). The inclusion in the menu of tomatoes, spinach, green peas, parsley, dill is also encouraged. Your grains are corn, oats, rye, wheat, barley. Taurus should not forget about physical activity, the stars advise you to dance, aerobics, and run in the morning.

Geminiusually do not have major health problems. But your disadvantage is the inability to expend energy. Gemini needs to eat mostly light foods. You should base your menu on foods containing healthy proteins (lean fish and meat, nuts, eggs) and calcium (milk and sour milk). Such food, in particular, will help you avoid problems with the nervous system. The primary meat products are poultry and wild birds. It is also important for Gemini to provide the diet with fruits (apricots, pomegranates, pineapples, dates, plums) and vegetables (green peas and other legumes, celery, cauliflower). You must also eat nuts (walnuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts). Running, tennis, team sports will keep you in shape.

Cancers often sin by overeating, which causes many problems (in particular, severe swelling). Control your appetite and portion size. With regard to food, first of all, you should give up fatty foods, especially high-calorie sweets. Also, starchy products, even such vegetables and fruits, can harm the health and figure of Cancers. It is imperative for you to consume enough clean water. The healthiest food for the representatives of this constellation is considered to be lean meat, nuts and various seafood. Don’t forget about low-fat dairy and cultured milk products. For fruits and berries, give preference to grapes, lemons, coconuts, papaya. The vegetable menu should include different types of cabbage, cucumbers, pumpkin, turnips, lettuce, garlic, parsley, dill.

Characteristic feature Lviv is that the speed of metabolic processes in their body is largely influenced by the emotional state. The best work of the nervous and digestive systems will be provided by vegetables (cucumbers, lettuce, zucchini, garlic), fruits (lemons and other citruses, plums, pineapples), protein foods (cheese, cottage cheese, meat, chicken eggs), walnuts, sunflower seeds, olives. If you are overweight, give up fatty foods. The meat table can be diversified with game dishes; Lions love the meat of waterfowl, animal fields and forests for a reason. Moreover, for the representatives of this fire sign, food cooked on an open fire is most useful. The cereal component of the menu is fig. Green tea is good for you. Do not do strength sports.

Virgin more than others susceptible to skin and intestinal ailments. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the food entering your body. It is recommended to eat foods high in fiber. Shows Virgo vegetarianism, the use of potatoes and carrots. The use of food of yesterday’s preparation, as well as heavy food, is contraindicated. It is highly undesirable to consume coffee and any alcohol. If you want to feel good and maintain an attractive figure, then the menu should be based on meat (the best choice is veal), fish, and various cereals. If you can’t give up starchy foods, eat bran bread. In addition, hard cheeses, chicken eggs, and soy are good for Virgos. From vegetables on the table must be present cauliflower, celery, green beans. Of the nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios are the best choices. You can develop physically through cycling and walking.

Excessive consumption of liquids and foods rich in spices Libra often overload the kidneys. Try not to do this. The star diet for you involves eating food that helps maintain water-salt balance and naturally remove toxins and other harmful substances from the body. These helpers include brown rice, corn, oats, rye, barley. The diet should always include apples and grapes. In general, almost all fruits, vegetables and berries are suitable for you. But the stars advise more often to stop the choice on pears, peaches, plums, cherries, persimmons, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas. Often, Libra has a malfunctioning nervous system, headaches and surges in blood pressure are observed. By the way, heavenly bodies convince you that vegetarian food suits you best. Of course, you can eat meat and fish, but these products are not so essential for you. Do not forget to indulge yourself sometimes with shrimps, squids. Give up sweets. Tomatoes, green peas, spinach, dill, parsley, rhubarb are also recommended for consumption. The stars are advised to regularly do morning exercises. Bodybuilding is not for your zodiac sign.

Scorpionstend to boast a fast metabolism and good health. Therefore, temporary food breaks usually pass without a trace for you. But still don’t get carried away. Frequent contact with fatty foods can cause tangible harm to the body. Seafood and seafood dishes are paramount guests on your table. Do not forget about eggs, empty yogurt, soy when making your menu. Make sure that grapefruits, pumpkins and watermelons get on your table every day, they perfectly remove toxins and strengthen the body’s defenses. The Scorpio vegetable menu should consist of paprika and sweet peppers, radishes, onions, carrots, and garlic. A visit to the pool, strength training is what you need.

Star diet for Sagittarius the use of fatty and abundantly spicy foods is contraindicated, as they can severely disrupt the functioning of the liver, which is already vulnerable in representatives of this sign. In colder seasons, spice up your meals with cinnamon for a good stress reliever. Sagittarius meat table can consist of ham, pork, sausages and sausages, especially grilled ones. Such food has a positive effect on the work of your body: egg yolks, sauerkraut, offal, vegetable oils (especially olive), figs, mangoes, dates, edible chestnuts, dried apricots. Sagittarius shouldn’t forget about including carrots, cabbage, radishes, potatoes, sunflower seeds, non-starchy fruits and various greens in the menu. Get some light exercise, run, but don’t lift weights.

To those born under the sign Capricorn, you need to take into account the tendency of their body to slow metabolic processes and the characteristic calcium deficiency in the body. Many Capricorns are prone to diseases of the bones, joints, teeth and skin. Eat pine nuts daily and be sure to take a walk. To prevent extra pounds from sticking to you, you need to limit the presence of fatty, spicy, spicy products and any drinks containing alcohol in the diet as much as possible. The most useful meat is lamb. The use of mineral water is recommended. As for food, Capricorns need to base the menu on those that are rich in vitamins A (carrots, red peppers, sorrel), E (eggs, lean meat), C (watermelon, various citrus fruits). Also, due to the fragility of bones and teeth, you should lean on dairy products, spinach, prunes, white cabbage and chicken eggs.

Unfortunately, many Aquarius often face disruptions in the functioning of the body. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to control your diet and eat often, but little by little. Overeating and passion for fatty, spicy, pickled, sweet foods, confectionery are fraught with almost instantaneous health problems and weight gain. To avoid these troubles and feel as comfortable as possible, Aquarius is recommended to include fruits and berries (citrus fruits, raspberries, oranges, strawberries, pears, pomegranates, strawberries, quince) in the menu more often. Only eat them in season for maximum benefits. Sea, river and lake inhabitants are the main food of Aquarius. Various fish, crabs and other crustaceans, molluscs in the most varied culinary treatment should be welcome guests on your table. Your body also needs milk, low-fat cheese, soy, various types of cabbage, eggplant, greens. Fats should be replenished with a small amount of vegetable oil and various nuts. If you crave sweets, eat honey. Do winter sports (skating, skiing), rub yourself with cold water, because you are an Aquarius.

Speaking of constellation representatives Pisces, it is worth noting that they often have disorders of the endocrine and gastrointestinal systems, are exposed to weather conditions, and suffer from headaches. To minimize such problems, it is important to enrich the body with protein, which is easily found in eggs, seafood, lean pork, beef, chicken, nuts. Your main food is fish (unless, of course, you are a vegetarian). To increase immunity, figs, grapes, dates, apples, mangoes, raisins, and strawberries are perfect for the representatives of this zodiac sign. Cabbage, garlic, spinach and other vegetables also have a positive effect on the body of Pisces. If you tend to be overweight, focus on non-starchy vegetables. Swimming is good for fish.

Regardless of the zodiac sign, nutritionists recommend giving preference to fractional meals. Of course, it is important to follow the drinking regime. It is advisable to regularly play sports and generally lead an active lifestyle. You should vary the portion size, food composition, calorie content of the diet based on your goals (whether you want to lose weight, maintain it or gain it). Try not to eat before bed and monitor the freshness and quality of the products you use.

Star diet menu

An example of a diet for Aries

Breakfast: oatmeal with milk and 1 tsp. honey; a handful of dried fruits; tea or coffee. Snack: raw or baked apple. Lunch: baked fish fillets and grated carrots; Tea with lemon. Afternoon snack: salad of radishes and herbs. Dinner: brown rice and baked cauliflower.

Sample menu for Taurus

Breakfast: a steam omelet, which contains 2 chicken eggs, a tomato and herbs; tea or a glass of any juice. Snack: pear. Lunch: buckwheat; boiled fish fillet; white cabbage and cucumber salad sprinkled with vegetable oil; tea or coffee. Afternoon snack: empty yogurt or fat-free kefir; fruit or vegetable. Dinner: seafood; a couple of fresh cucumbers; a cup of tea.

Sample diet for Gemini

Breakfast: a couple of whole grain crispbreads with hard cheese and a glass of plum juice. Snack: 200-250 ml of fermented baked milk. Lunch: buckwheat in the company of a boiled chicken egg; vegetable non-starchy salad; coffee or tea. Afternoon snack: a couple of walnuts. Dinner: baked chicken fillet; a couple of tablespoons of green peas; cucumber and tea.

Sample menu for Cancers

Breakfast: unsweetened muesli with a handful of dried fruits; tea or coffee. Snack: 2-3 tbsp. l. low-fat cottage cheese seasoned with unsweetened yogurt or kefir; half an orange. Lunch: boiled shrimps; salad of white cabbage and greens, greased with olive or other vegetable oil; a slice of rye bread; tea or coffee. Afternoon snack: a handful of cashews; a cup of tea. Dinner: boiled baked beef fillet with herbs; an apple or other non-starchy fruit.

An example of a diet for Lviv

Breakfast: 2 boiled chicken eggs; salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, which can be seasoned with a little sour cream; a glass of plum compote. Snack: a couple of slices of cheese; tea or coffee. Lunch: boiled rice (brown or brown is best); lettuce leaves; Tea with lemon. Afternoon snack: a glass of empty yogurt; an Apple. Dinner: baked chicken legs (preferably skinless); a couple of cucumbers; a cup of tea.

Sample menu for Virgos

Breakfast: oatmeal steamed with milk, with an apple cut into it and a handful of nuts; a cup of tea or herbal decoction. Snack: a couple of bran crisps; a glass of fruit or vegetable juice. Lunch: buckwheat and steam soy cutlet; salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper, lightly seasoned with vegetable oil and lemon juice. Afternoon snack: up to 50 g of hard cheese and a cup of tea. Dinner: baked fish fillet; cucumber or tomato.

An example of a diet for a Libra

Breakfast: buckwheat with milk; banana; tea or coffee. Snack: baked apple. Lunch: a couple of baked potatoes; salad of boiled squid, canned corn and fresh cucumbers; a glass of orange juice. Afternoon snack: grated carrots (you can season with honey and sprinkle with lemon juice). Dinner: boiled lean meat; salad of fresh cucumbers and herbs; ear of corn; tea.

Sample menu for Scorpions

Breakfast: an omelet of 2-3 chicken eggs with tofu cheese and various herbs; tea or coffee. Snack: a glass of empty yogurt and an apple. Lunch: boiled fish fillet; baked eggplant; a glass of any juice. Afternoon snack: pear; Tea with lemon. Dinner: seafood; 3-4 tbsp. l. boiled rice; non-starchy vegetable salad, slightly seasoned with vegetable oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice; for dessert, half a grapefruit.

An example of a diet for Sagittarius

Breakfast: scrambled eggs from two chicken eggs; salad of carrots and radishes; tea or coffee. Snack: 30-40 g of seeds; half an apple. Lunch: boiled offal; sauerkraut; cucumber; a cup of tea with a slice of lemon. Afternoon snack: 5-6 plums; half a glass of low-fat kefir or fermented baked milk. Dinner: a serving of mashed potatoes and a tomato.

Sample menu for Capricorns

Breakfast: cottage cheese seasoned with fermented baked milk or kefir; a handful of dried fruits or an orange; tea or coffee. Snack: a couple of slices of watermelon. Lunch: grilled chicken fillet; carrot and spinach salad; citrus juice. Afternoon snack: 5-6 prunes; tea. Dinner: 2 boiled chicken eggs; a portion of white cabbage and cucumber salad; a cup of tea or herbal decoction.

An example of a diet for Aquarius

Breakfast: 2 whole grain breads, greased with natural honey; a cup of tea or coffee; a handful of nuts. Snack: orange. Lunch: buckwheat and a glass of milk (you can combine the drink with porridge); a couple of pieces of cheese. Afternoon snack: pomegranate. Dinner: cottage cheese with strawberries; tea or a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Sample menu for Pisces

Breakfast: scrambled eggs from two eggs with cheese; a handful of grapes; tea or coffee. Snack: a bowl of strawberries. Lunch: baked beef fillet; salad of tomatoes, tomatoes, herbs, seasoned with 1-2 tsp. sour cream. Afternoon snack: 5-6 cashews and a glass of kefir. Dinner: vegetable stew; apple; a cup of tea.

Contraindications to the star diet

  • If there are no serious health problems, the star diet can always be followed.
  • Of course, you should not use any product if you are allergic to it or food intolerances.

Benefits of the star diet

  1. The method of eating by the stars is universal. Almost everyone can eat on it, regardless of lifestyle, age, gender.
  2. The Star Diet contains only basic recommendations, according to which you can create a menu, taking into account your preferences.
  3. The proposed diet will not leave the body without nutrients. On the contrary, with a well-designed menu, you will ensure the full functioning of all organs and systems and improve your health.
  4. Fractional nutrition helps to feel comfortable, avoid hunger, and improve metabolism.

Listen to the advice of the stars, eat healthy and varied, be healthy!

Disadvantages of the star diet

  • You will need to control your diet and make a diet with certain restrictions.
  • Diet recommendations from the stars are not suitable for people who are looking for quick results. on this diet, you will not be able to quickly lose weight.
  • You will need to radically change your eating habits.

Re-dieting for the stars

It is advisable to make the basic rules of a diet by stars and recommendations for your zodiac sign a daily norm and try to deviate from them as little as possible.

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