900 calories diet, 7 days, -5 kg

Losing weight up to 5 kg in 7 days.

The average daily calorie content is 900 Kcal.

Today we want to tell you about 900 calories low calorie weight loss method. According to its rules, you need to gorge on exactly this number of energy units every day. For 7 days of the diet, you can lose up to 4-6 extra pounds.

We warn you right away that such nutrition can be stressful for the body. Weigh all the pros and cons of the diet, the state of your health, and only then decide whether to lose weight in this way. You cannot follow a diet longer than a week!

900 calorie diet requirements

While dieting 900 calories per forbidden list get the following products:

– flour products (you can leave only a little rye bread in the diet);

– fats and oils;

– fatty dairy and meat products;

– jam, honey, chocolate, cakes and other sweets;

– fast food products;

– pickled, smoked, overly salty foods.

It is better to give up salt for a week altogether, and it is also necessary to exclude sugar in any form (both in foods and in drinks).

The basis of the diet should do:

– lean meat (priority is skinless chicken and beef);

– non-starchy vegetables and fruits (primarily apples), various berries;

– greens;

– chicken eggs;

– low fat dairy and sour milk products.

It is recommended to adhere to fractional meals and eat at least five times a day. The daily minimum of clean water should be one and a half liters. You can also drink tea and coffee, but without sugar. Occasionally, it is allowed to add a small amount of low-fat milk to these drinks. The tea can be acidified with lemon juice or a slice of this citrus. It is allowed to enter into the menu, adding to the total calorie content, compotes, uzvars from fruits and dried fruits. Other drinks, especially those containing alcohol, must be discarded.

You can use the ready-made version of the 900-calorie weekly menu described below, or you can make the menu yourself at your discretion. The main thing is to take into account the basic requirements for the selection of products.

Since the calorie content of the diet is quite low, with such a diet, it is advisable to give up physical activity and not engage in labor that requires serious energy consumption. Of course, diet rules do not encourage you to sit completely motionless. The developers of the method advise you to limit yourself to walking.

It is very important to smoothly get out of such a low-calorie diet. It is worth increasing the calorie intake gradually, adding no more than 200 units daily, until you reach the ideal figure for yourself, at which the weight will be stable. If you add calories too sharply, the likelihood of returning the excess weight, which you so diligently got rid of, and the occurrence of digestive problems. Do not immediately after the end of the diet lean on foods that you refused. It is desirable to consume high-calorie flour and sweet foods, as before, in minimal quantities.

900 diet menu calories

Example of a weekly 900 calorie diet menu


Breakfast: a piece of boiled beef weighing 100 g; 20 g green peas; half an apple; coffee.

Snack: boiled chicken egg.

Lunch: bowl of vegetable soup without frying; lean boiled meat (up to 100 g); small cucumber; a glass of dried fruit compote.

Afternoon snack: an apple weighing about 200 g.

Dinner: boiled or baked fish (100 g); 3 tbsp. l. white cabbage salad seasoned with lemon juice.


Breakfast: a piece of boiled beef weighing 100 g; tea or coffee.

Snack: chicken egg, boiled or fried in a pan without adding oil; a cup of coffee or tea.

Lunch: a bowl of lean borscht; lean beef stroganoff; a glass of fruit compote.

Afternoon snack: raw or baked apple.

Dinner: steamed chicken fillet (100 g).


Breakfast: steamed carrot soufflé; small bull’s eye; a cup of coffee.

Snack: soft-boiled egg or poached egg.

Lunch: bowl of lean cabbage soup; about 100 g of fried in a dry pan or boiled fish.

Afternoon snack: an apple weighing about 200 g.

Dinner: a slice of boiled beef fillet; a cup of tea with a small addition of low-fat milk.


Breakfast: a couple of small pieces of jellied fish; tea or coffee.

Snack: boiled chicken egg.

Lunch: a small plate of vegetarian soup (you can add potatoes); a slice of steamed beef; fresh cucumber; tea.

Afternoon snack: an apple weighing about 200 g.

Dinner: boiled fish (100 g); a couple of tablespoons of chopped white cabbage with herbs.


Breakfast: 100 g of jellied fish; tea or coffee.

Snack: chicken egg cooked in a pan without fat.

Lunch: bowl of vegetable soup without frying; 3-4 tbsp. l. vegetable stew interspersed with any lean meat.

Afternoon snack: berries (about 200 g).

Dinner: boiled chicken egg.


Breakfast: steamed cutlet from low-fat minced fish; coffee or tea.

Snack: 200 ml of low fat milk.

Lunch: a small bowl of soup with carrot pieces and barley; 100 g lean beef stroganoff 3-4 tbsp. l. salad of beets and sauerkraut.

Afternoon snack: 200 g of raspberries.

Dinner: boiled meat (about 50 g).


Breakfast: a glass of kefir or empty yogurt.

Snack: steamed or boiled fish (up to 100 g).

Lunch: bowl of vegetable soup; a slice of boiled chicken; a couple of fresh cucumbers; tea.

Afternoon snack: apple or berries (200 g).

Dinner: up to 100 g of boiled chicken fillet and 20 g of peas for a side dish.

Note… On all days before going to bed, you can drink a little low-fat kefir or yogurt. Such a snack contains a minimum of calories, and it will probably be much easier to fall asleep.

Contraindications to the 900 calorie diet

  1. It is impossible to adhere to this low-calorie technique for women who are in an interesting position or breastfeeding, children under 18 years old, people of age.
  2. Don’t go on a 900 calorie diet if you have any health problems or have recently had surgery.
  3. An unquestioning prohibition is the presence of diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. A taboo for following the described rules is active sports.
  5. Certainly, professional athletes and people, whose activities involve considerable energy consumption, do not need to be so thin.
  6. In addition, you cannot turn to the 900 calorie diet for help with a noticeable excess of excess weight. Such people need to consume more calories in order not to experience a breakdown and not earn additional problems with the functioning of the body.

Benefits of the 900 Calorie Diet

  • Over the course of the diet, excess weight is actively lost. In a short period of time, you can noticeably correct the figure.
  • It is convenient to eat according to the proposed scheme both at home and at work.
  • A fairly wide selection of permitted products is provided, and you can create a menu according to your desires.
  • The food offered on the 900 calorie diet is simple and doesn’t take much time to prepare.
  • Unlike many weight loss methods, this diet does not force you to actively engage in sports (this can only be a disadvantage for professional athletes).

Disadvantages of the 900 calorie diet

  1. Keep in mind that you can’t eat 900 calories a day for long. It is dangerous to health, can cause various diseases, cause muscle wasting and slow down metabolism.
  2. Doctors recommend that women, with such a low-calorie diet, be sure to consume vegetable fats in order to maintain a stable menstrual cycle. You need to not only monitor your figure, but also be attentive to your health.
  3. Some people who follow this diet have noted that they experienced severe weakness and even dizziness. In such cases, it is imperative to stop following the methodology.
  4. With the 900 calorie diet, you will not lose a lot of kilograms, since you can stick to it with minimal risk of damage to health for only one week.
  5. The diet may not be suitable for people who do not have the opportunity to eat fractionally.

Re-dieting 900 calories

If you want to lose weight more significantly, feel good, then you can turn to this method of losing weight again. But it is advisable to wait at least a month’s break before a new diet start.

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  1. dans un premier temps, cela dépend de la génétique dont vous êtes constitué, il y a des chaudières brûle graisse qui sont les maigres et les stockeurs de graisse qui sont les êtres humains qui ont de l’embonpoint.

    Il faut savoir avant tout qu’il faut 7 h de sommeil jour pour espérer avoir une bonne hygiène de vie et qui entraîne aucun surpoids. Même si vous travailler en horaire décaler faites plutôt du sport en salle avant de vous endormir plutôt que de grignoter cela vous aidera à vous endormir plus facilement.

    Que les compléments alimentaires ne fonctionnent pas du tout, il faut prendre des doses excessives pour obtenir un maigre résultat. Même la graine de chia ou konzac n’est pas la panacée.
    Que l’ananas, 10 à 15 petits pots bébé et autres alternative ne fonctionne que sur un bref parcours.

    Que lorsque vous allez commencer un régime, vous allez perdre du poids : de la masse graisseuse et de la masse musculaire. Et dés que vous allez arrêter vous allez irrémédiablement la moitié du poids que vous avez perdu, voir plus….
    En jargon de journaliste c’est l’effet yoyo.
    Il faut savoir aussi qu’une réduction de réduction de 250 k/cal jour fera perdre en 3 ans environ 13 kgs.
    En conclusion faite appel à un professionnel de la diététicien plutôt que de faire n’importe quel régime sans aboutissement réel. Mais même les professionnels ne sont pas tous maigres et consomment se qu’ils ont envies de manger….

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