Silvio Samuel.

Silvio Samuel.

Silvio Samuel is one of the most famous personalities in the bodybuilding world.


He was born in 1975 in Brazil. Some time later, after Silvio was born, his whole family moved to live in Nigeria.

Since childhood, the boy has been involved in various sports, which made a huge contribution to his physical development. Once at the age of 14, Silvio was noticed by the coach of the Nigerian national powerlifting team, Ivan Ganev. He felt that this guy had a great future in sports. And without thinking twice, Ganev invited Samuel to his team. Silvio could not refuse this offer. Hard training began, which very soon bore fruit – just a couple of months after the start of classes, Samuel takes part in his first powerlifting competition among juniors and becomes the absolute champion. Yes, an experienced coach was not wrong about the guy.


Trips to Nigeria and Africa began, where Silvio, as part of his team, fought for the main title of the tournaments. He has noticeably succeeded in this sport, so much so that the records he set, and no one could surpass, even to this day.

Silvio soon became a member of the Spanish national powerlifting team. Perhaps he would have continued his brilliant career, but in 1998 a situation occurred that forced the guy to leave weightlifting – he underwent an operation to remove appendicitis. After that, for two years, Silvio did not play sports at all. During this time he worked as a bouncer at discos in Madrid.

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It should be noted that Samuel’s physique aroused admiration. With such a figure as his, it was necessary for a long time to enter into the struggle for the title of the best bodybuilder. But the athlete himself was in no hurry to do this until Alfonso Gomez convinced him of this.

In 2001, Silvio became the best in the Francisco del Yero bodybuilding competition. For the next 3 years he participated in the National and World Amateur Bodybuilding Association. During this period, he was able to win many prestigious titles, one of which was “Mr. Universe”.

In 2006, a significant event took place for Silvio – he was awarded the status of a professional by the International Federation of Bodybuilders. And in the same year, the athlete takes part in the “New York Pro 2006”, where he takes only 14th place.


Today Samuel lives in Fullerton, California, where he continues his training, preparing to conquer new heights.

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