Milos Sarcev.

Milos Sarcev.

Milos Sartsev can rightfully be called a real record holder, but not by the number of awards he won, but by the number of Pro competitions in which he had a chance to take part. Yes, in his life he could not win big titles, but despite this, the athlete still remains the model of the ideal body for many bodybuilders. What was the path of this athlete’s ascent to the heights of bodybuilding?


Milos Sarcev was born on January 17, 1964 in Yugoslavia. He started lifting weights quite early, but at first it was a kind of hobby. Only after a while does Milos really “fall ill” with bodybuilding. He begins to devote all his time to training, so much so that many eminent bodybuilders could envy his perseverance. Without worrying too much about his health, Milos crosses the threshold of the gym almost every day. The most amazing thing about this is that with such heavy physical exertion, with which the athlete loaded himself, he never received a serious injury until 1999.

During this time, Sartsev managed to take part in a huge variety of tournaments. He has 68 professional competitions on his account. True, he did not succeed in achieving super-outstanding results in them. For your information: in the San Francisco Pro 1991 tournament he takes 3rd place, in Niagara Falls Pro 1991 – 4th place, in Ironman Pro 1992 – 6th place, in Chicago Pro 1992 – 5th place. If you look at the entire list of competitions in which he took part, then you will not find first places in it, with the exception of the Toronto / Montreal Pro 1997 tournament, where he became the undisputed champion.


Like any other professional athlete, Milos aspired to win the prestigious Mr. Olympia title, but his success here was also variable.

After 10 years of hard training, Sarcev takes a break. He finally realizes the fact that his body is very tired with his continuous work. For six months, Milos does not go to exercise machines at all. And only during this “vacation” period, the athlete will understand that training must be approached somewhat differently than he did before – after “pumping up muscles” it is necessary to take a break for a day or two, in general, as the body requires, but at the same time it is always necessary remember that prolonged rest leads to loss of muscle tone.

After six months of “doing nothing” in 2002, Milos returned to his usual rhythm of life, but he joined the training process too abruptly, which led to an injury – the athlete damaged his quadriceps, preparing to participate in the “Night of Champions” tournament. Doctors made a disappointing diagnosis, they foreshadowed him that now a cane would be his faithful companion. But all these medical “horror stories” did not come true. And a year later, the athlete goes on stage and takes part in the “Night of Champions”, in which he took 9th place. After this incident, Sartsev concluded: after coming out of a prolonged rest, training should be approached with extreme caution, gradually increasing the load.

Even then, when Milos was fighting for sports titles, he began coaching and succeeded well in it. For example, one of his most famous pupils is the Miss Fitness Olympia champion Monica Brant.

In addition to bodybuilding, Sartsev acts in films.


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