Sean Rae.

Sean Rae.

“Genetic Miracle”, “Giant Slayer” are not the titles of books about another fantastic hero who cleverly copes with alien villains … these are nicknames that the famous bodybuilder Sean Rae has been awarded throughout his sports career… Such “nicknames” he received for his achievements in bodybuilding. Although, he did not manage to achieve his main goal – to become “Mr. Olympia”.


Sean Rae was born on September 9, 1965 in Fullerton, California. Since childhood, he tried himself in various sports, but not in bodybuilding. It will be several years before he crosses the threshold of the gym where the muscular guys train.

This happened at the age of 18, when it became necessary to prepare your body for football competitions. But then Sean did not pursue the goal of staying in bodybuilding and becoming a better bodybuilder. He just made a 6-month lesson plan for himself. But what was his surprise, when just a few weeks later Ray began to notice an increase in his muscles. The guy was greatly inspired, he was overwhelmed by a wave of emotions, and he decided to continue his training at all costs.


Soon, a very significant meeting in the life of an athlete took place – the famous bodybuilder John Brown entered the gym, in which he trained hard. And it is already easy to guess that further muscle building continued under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

The trainings were going on. And now the time has come when it would be time to show oneself and look at others – in 1983, Ray took part in the youth bodybuilding tournament in Los Angeles and became its main winner.

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The next 1984 turned out to be “fruitful” for the guy as well – he bypasses all bodybuilders and takes the cup of the “Mr. Los Angeles” and “Mr. California” competitions among juniors.

In 1987, after winning the National American Championship, the founder of the “Mr. Olympia” tournament, Joe Weider, pays close attention to Ray. The young athlete was very pleased with such attention to his person on the part of a great man in the world of bodybuilding. He immediately concludes a contract, according to which he will be paid $ 10 monthly. Now he is financially independent. And that’s why Sean decides to leave his childhood home and start living his life in his own apartment.

In 1988, Ray graduated from “child’s play” and begins performing as a professional. He takes part in the “Night of Champions” tournament and takes 4th place. Perhaps the athlete would be upset that he did not even enter the top three bodybuilders, but there was no time and energy for that, because he was given the right to take part in the Mr. Olympia championship. It was a real happiness for an athlete. Without much delay, he began to prepare for the prestigious tournament.


In 1988, Ray goes to the podium of the championship “Mr. Olympia”. Unfortunately, he did not manage to surpass his rivals, and he ended up in 13th place.

In 1990, the athlete repeats his attempt to win the main title of the competition, but he again fails to make his dream come true, although progress was visible, as they say on the face – he became the third.

Despite the fact that Ray never took the top of Mr. Olympia, his name went down in the history of this tournament. Indeed, since 1990, he has fought the titans of bodybuilding 12 times in a row. Sean Ray’s tenacity and perseverance can be envied by many eminent athletes.


Many fans of this or that famous bodybuilder are always worried about the question of his idol’s life away from a professional sports career. Sean Rae is no exception. Well, you can fulfill the request of numerous fans.

I would like to note right away that he is now married and is the father of 2 wonderful daughters. But perhaps not everyone knows that Ray’s personal life during his sports career was not very successful – all his girls could not come to terms with his great love for sports. He devoted much less time to them than to training and competition.

Sean Rae is a versatile person. This is not to say that bodybuilding is his main and most important love in life. Not. He also likes to devote his free time to football, baseball, tennis, music. Of all the books, Sean prefers to read biographies of prominent personalities. When it comes to food addictions, he is not indifferent to Japanese cuisine and white chocolate.


Ray is also the author of the popular book “The Shawn Ray Way”, in which he shares his experiences in training.

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