Ayurveda: recommendations for hot days

The hot summer season is characterized by the predominance of Pitta (elements of fire) in the environment. As you probably noticed from your own observations, in hot weather, physical activity is more difficult, and appetite is not increased as much as in cold weather. This is because Agni’s internal digestive fire is weakened in the heat for the purpose of the natural tendency to maintain balance. The production of heat by the body decreases, metabolism weakens, and digestive power decreases. Thus, in the summer it is important to adjust your diet, since the abundance of fresh fruits and berries allows you to do this painlessly. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, this also applies to being in the shade. If you need to be in the sun at the height of the day, wear a hat, and when you return home, self-massage with cooling oils. Coconut, olive, sunflower oils are suitable as such oils. Take a shower. don’t overwork yourself. In summer, Ayurveda recommends swimming, as well as walks in nature. Limit salty, sour, spicy, and spicy foods. (refined sugar – no!) is what balances increased Pitta. In hot weather, it is especially important to eat only when you feel hungry and in moderation. Light meals: Ayurveda recommends using coconut oil or ghee for cooking. In the hot season, if possible, avoid: beets, eggplant, radishes, tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, garlic, millet, rye, corn, buckwheat, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese, sour fruits, cashew nuts, honey, molasses, hot spices, alcohol , vinegar and salt. It is especially important to drink plenty of water in summer. Ayurveda strongly recommends avoiding cold drinks, even if it is very hot, so as not to weaken the fire of digestion. Prefer mint or fruit tea, homemade lassi. One of the best summer drinks is coconut water. It is important to remember that black tea and coffee unbalance Pitta even more. Refreshing Lassi Recipes  (12 tsp fresh or dried mint, yogurt) (coke milk, shavings, pinch vanilla and yogurt) (pinch Himalayan salt, pinch ground cumin and ginger, yogurt)

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