Chris Dim.

Chris Dim.

Chris Dim was born on May 7, 1973 in one of the small states of Southeast Asia – Cambodia. His birth coincided with a very difficult situation in the country – the state of Vietnam every now and then unleashed the most powerful military attacks on its Cambodian neighbors. Explosions, shots, blood – this is what could be grieved in the boy’s memory, affecting his life in the future, but fortunately, then he was still very young to understand something. It would seem that when in 1975 the war gradually began to reduce its momentum, peace and tranquility should come in the country, but, alas, it was just a dream – a certain Kmer Rouge seized power, who, trying to turn the country into an agrarian nation, made the living conditions of the townspeople completely unbearable. People were dying either from hunger or from overdue work, they were made slaves. Post offices were closed, the whole country was isolated from the outside world.


In order to somehow survive, Chris’s family seeks asylum in the United States in 1977, but before finding the desired peace, they had to make an almost round the world trip. The boy was then only 4 years old. But who can wait for them in America, has someone prepared a “warm place” for them? There were kind people (Chris’s uncle and American sponsors) who helped them settle in the suburbs of Washington. And everything would be fine if not for one “but” – the head of the family and the eldest son remained in Cambodia. Naturally, Chris’s mother could not help but worry about this. But what can you do.

In 1979, Kmer Rouge was overthrown and a democratic regime was established in the country. Later, when Chris becomes an up-and-coming athlete and businessman, he will come to his home country, but all she can get in him is disgust.

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In childhood and youth, the boy was enthusiastically involved in football. Having “moved” to senior classes, Chris changed his football boots and a ball to a more severe sport – wrestling.

To prepare for the competition, he set up something like a small gym in his house and was engaged in pumping up muscles in it. A little later, 15-year-old Chris will come to the conclusion that there are too few home exercise equipment, and they do not allow achieving the desired result. And then he will start attending the Muscle System gym, in which, by the way, he still works out. The progress of hard training was immediately noticed by his wrestling coach. He even invited him to take part in one of the bodybuilding tournaments. Chris agrees and at the age of 17 he becomes the undisputed junior champion at North Bay.

In 1996, the athlete is introduced to the sponsor of the Max Muscle chain of stores. At that time, Chris had not even heard of such a store, but having found the information he needed, he was eager to become the owner of one of these stores by all means. But at that time he did not have the money to fulfill his dream. And then Chris makes a completely insane decision – he drops out of school and gets a job full-time in the insurance company, where he spent every day from 7:00 to 15:30. Then he went to work as a manager at the Muscle System and “stuck” there until midnight. Many will be surprised: when did Chris train? In fact, the athlete managed to find time for this too – in some strange way, the guy managed to get into the gym almost before its closure and it was good to “pump muscles”. And this is despite the fact that he already had a wife who was expecting a child. According to the bodybuilder himself, the most important thing in his life has always been family and business, and bodybuilding is something like a hobby that you can “plunge” into in your free time.

In 1996, at the age of 24, Chris was nominated for the title of professional bodybuilder. This is what caused the athlete to decide to turn his hobby into a professional activity.

In 1999, Chris took 3rd place at the US Middleweight Championship. In 2000, he took 4th place in the same tournament, but already in the lightweight division.


In 2002, following the advice of a colleague, Milos Sartsev, Chris begins to pay more attention to cardio exercises and improves his diet. This approach bore fruit – his body shape improved significantly and at the US Championship he took 1st place in the lightweight division.

The next year was significant for the athlete – after winning the lightweight at one of the championships, he was finally assigned a card of a professional bodybuilder.

In March 2004, as Chris was preparing for his first professional tournament, the San Francisco Pro, he hoped to make at least the top five. But what was his surprise when the judges announced the result – he became the third! This victory inspired Chris so much that he decided to achieve even greater results in bodybuilding. Now his main goal has been set for the Mr. Olympia tournament.


In 2005, he took only 15th place at Mr. Olympia.

Today Chris has many goals that he intends to achieve: one of them is to become one of the five best athletes to compete for the Mr. Olympia title. And he is sure that he will be able to translate all his desires into reality.

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