Urbech or nut butter is a new superfood with ancient roots

1. They are prepared without heat treatment, from raw seeds, which means that they retain to the maximum all the beneficial properties of the original product, laid down by nature. Even if the seeds are dried before grinding, this is always done at a temperature no higher than 30-40 degrees, so nut pastes are suitable even for raw foodists.

2. They are very high in protein, a product with a high nutritional value, a real natural superfood, energy drink and multivitamin!

3. Quickly saturates, but at the same time leaves the stomach empty and keeps the body light, which is especially important for athletes. One tablespoon is enough to satisfy your hunger.

The peculiarity of nut butter is that it is almost impossible to cook it at home without the use of professional equipment, so you can only buy it in specialized health food stores.

Varieties of urbech and its properties

– is considered the most common and one of the most delicious. The record holder for protein content, contains healthy fats, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, has a softening and anti-inflammatory effect.

– also contains a lot of protein, so it is especially appreciated by athletes. In addition to protein, it contains a lot of vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. Boosts immunity and has antioxidant properties.

– improves brain activity, calms and relaxes the nervous system, improves immunity, and, of course, contains healthy fats, which means it helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

– contains iron, selenium, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, helps prevent anemia and strengthens the nervous system. Quickly restores the body after heavy physical exertion.

– a source of oleic acid, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and even tryptophan. That is why it improves mood, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also calms the nervous system well.

– a champion in calcium content, makes bones, teeth, hair and nails strong and strong. It helps to build muscle mass, has a general strengthening effect, removes toxins and toxins from the body due to a slight laxative effect.

– according to some versions, this is the first urbech that was made in Dagestan, and it is the most inexpensive. Shepherds always took it, pita bread and water with them. And these three foods helped them stay hungry throughout the day. Flax Urbech reduces cholesterol, improves eyesight, improves immunity, strengthens joints and ligaments, significantly improves skin condition, and also helps to gently cleanse the body.

– this is the well-known peanut butter, which many people love to spread on toast. However, we advise you to carefully read the ingredients on the packaging, because trans fats and preservatives are often added to peanut butter. It is better to choose trusted manufacturers. Peanuts, and hence urbech from it, contain polyphenols – antioxidant substances. Therefore, the pasta, so beloved by all adherents of fashionable diets, also has anti-cancer properties.

– also relatively inexpensive, but no less useful. It also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids and many vitamins.

– urbech from hemp seeds, one of the best-selling urbech on the shelves of eco-shops. It is in the middle price category, but in terms of protein content it is not inferior to nuts. Hemp seeds are also rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese and other micro and macro elements, so hemp urbech perfectly improves immunity, helps prevent anemia and strengthens the musculoskeletal system.

– due to the content of fatty acids reduces cholesterol levels. Rich in vitamins, improves immunity.

– an excellent detox product with the aroma and taste of coconut. Due to the high content of lauric acid, it also lowers cholesterol levels, and due to the large amount of dietary fiber in the composition, it gently cleanses the body of toxins and toxins. It is worth noting that only the pulp of coconuts is used for its manufacture.

– it is practically zinc in its pure form. This paste has an antiparasitic effect, improves eyesight, relieves symptoms of depression, strengthens men’s health and calms the nervous system.

– It is extremely useful for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, milk thistle has a particularly beneficial effect on the liver. This urbech can and should be used during a detox if one of your goals is to cleanse and maintain liver function.

– this is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. According to Eastern wisdom, its use “can cure any disease except death.”

– improves the quality of sleep, has antiparasitic properties, strengthens the immune system due to the content of numerous vitamins (A, C, D, E) and trace elements (iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.).

As you can see, there are quite a few varieties of urbech, and all of them have unique properties, so choosing what you like is not difficult. I would like to note the fact that nut pastes have a very rich and unique taste. And if you don’t like the taste of some kind of nut, this does not mean that the urbech made from these nuts will leave you indifferent.

Separately, it should be said about ways to use urbech. Here are 10 of the most interesting options:

1. Spread on bread or whole grain bread

2. Mix with honey in a ratio of 1 to 1, getting a very tasty, sweet and viscous paste, which will be an excellent addition to porridge, smoothies or an independent dish. This is a powerful multivitamin, so don’t overdo it.

3. Add cocoa or carob to the mixture of urbech and honey and get a real chocolate paste, which is in no way inferior in taste to “nutelella”, and even more so in terms of benefits

4. Add to vegetable salad as a dressing

5. There are 1 tbsp. in the morning as a vitamin supplement

6. Add to smoothies and banana ice cream for more plasticity, creaminess and, of course, goodness.

7. Add to porridge (for example, oatmeal)

8. Add to fruit salads

9. Make Urbech milk by mixing 2-3 tbsp. urbecha and 1 glass of water. These are approximate proportions: the more nut paste, the creamier, thicker and richer the milk will turn out. You can use it in baked goods and smoothies.

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