Preparing for the New Year in accordance with the lunar cycle

During the New Year holidays, we again feel a little like children. And that’s great. But, unlike children, in one New Year’s Eve issue it is better to maintain an adult position: it is very favorable to take responsibility and create a holiday for yourself and others. After all, we often hear and say the phrase ourselves: “There is no New Year mood at all.” We are ready to let anything and anyone take our holiday away from us – the lack of snow, problems, other people. Let’s learn to act differently: prepare in advance, give yourself and your loved ones a New Year’s mood, invest your strength and energy in the holiday. After all, the New Year is not just a holiday, it is an initiation into the well-being of the next 12 months, and it is better to approach its meeting consciously. So, here are the preparation steps.

Cleansing stage

December 3rd we had a full moon and now the moon is waning. And this is the best time to take stock, complete things and get rid of everything superfluous and unnecessary. This is very in tune with the last month of the year and our preparation, because if we want something new, we must get rid of the old. In practice, purification can be implemented in the following way:

– Make a list of unfinished business. And we complete, or we refuse the case and cross it off the list.

– We get rid of unnecessary things. We leave only what the heart responds to. This is a wonderful initiation – to celebrate the New Year surrounded by only your favorite items. Performing this step, we will clean the house at the same time. Extra things can be given away and it will be New Year’s joy for someone.

– We write a list of those states, qualities of character and problems that we do not want to take on the New Year. You can burn it.

– If we want to lose weight for the holiday, now is the best time to do it. By starting a detox or going on a diet during the waning moon, we will achieve the maximum effect.

– At this stage, it is important to take stock. In a calm atmosphere, remember what 2017 brought us, what we achieved, what lessons we learned. Remember yourself at the beginning of the year and compare with your present self. Are you satisfied with the path you have taken? Have you been able to get better?

– It is important not only to get rid of the bad, but also to thank for all the good. Write a gratitude list to the universe, to people, to yourself. It’s great if you want to thank people in person.

This stage is important to carry out and complete before December 18. And spend the day of the new moon in peace and tranquility.

Filling stage

The moon starts to rise. Лbest time to make a wish, plan a holiday and the whole year, make an energy contribution to the fulfillment of your plans and desires. The implementation of this stage can be as follows:

– Already on December 19, it would be good to make a wish list (preferably at least a hundred), as well as a plan for the year with specific steps to complete. You can also write a plan for five and ten years.

These days are the best time to plan the holiday. Write in detail the evening of the 31st and what needs to be prepared for it. Think about what the perfect holiday is for you and think about how to bring it to life.

But the most important thing that can be done at this stage is to create an energy foundation for future happiness, and at the same time fill your heart with the anticipation of a holiday and a miracle:

We create a festive space. Every year we decorate our apartment. But what about decorating the entryway? And pay attention to each neighbor’s apartment: hang a ball on each bell or a Christmas sticker on each door. It is better to do this at night so that people do not understand who their hero is.

– We help. Now there are many opportunities to create a holiday for those who really need it: children, the elderly, lonely people.

– Sending letters. You can send real paper letters with postcards to all your loved ones. 

– Walking around the city at this magical time – wish passers-by all the best. It is possible mentally, but it is better, of course, out loud. Also take the time to pray or wish happiness to all the people you know.

Next time we will talk more about the holiday itself – how to plan and spend the New Year so that it really becomes the beginning of your dream life.

Happy cooking! A wonderful, inspiring mood and strength to create a miracle for yourself and others!

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