Maternal prayers for children: for health, protection, good luck

The most powerful prayer is the one that comes from the depths of the soul, from the very heart and is supported by great love, sincerity, and a desire to help. Therefore, the most powerful prayers are maternal.

Maternal prayers for children: for health, protection, good luck

Parents love their children disinterestedly and unconditionally, they love them simply for what they are. Mothers always wish their child only the best, health and all earthly blessings. When a mother sincerely turns to God for her child, her energy merges with faith and a real miracle can happen.

Mother’s prayer for children

Mother’s Prayer to God

God! Creator of all creatures, applying mercy to mercy, You have made me worthy to be the mother of a family; Your grace has given me children, and I dare to say: they are Your children! Because You gave them life, revived them with an immortal soul, revived them by baptism for life in accordance with Your will, adopted them and accepted them into the bosom of Your Church.

Mother’s prayer for the happiness of children

Father of bounty and all mercy! As a parent, I would wish my children every abundance of earthly blessings, I would wish them blessings from the dew of heaven and from the fat of the earth, but may Thy holy will be with them! Arrange their fate according to Your good pleasure, do not deprive them of their daily bread in life, send down to them everything necessary in time for the acquisition of blessed eternity; be merciful to them when they sin against you; impute not to them the sins of youth and their ignorance; bring contrite hearts to them when they resist the guidance of your goodness; punish and have mercy on them, directing them to the path pleasing to You, but do not reject them from Your face!

Accept with favor their prayers; grant them success in every good deed; turn not your face away from them in the days of their affliction, lest their temptations be overtaken above their strength. Overshadow them with Your mercy; May Your Angel walk with them and keep them from every misfortune and evil way.

Parents’ prayer for children

Sweetest Jesus, God of my heart! You gave me children according to the flesh, they are Yours according to the soul; You redeemed both my soul and theirs with Your priceless blood; for the sake of your divine blood, I beg you, my sweetest Savior, with your grace touch the hearts of my children (names) and my godchildren (names), protect them with your divine fear; keep them from bad inclinations and habits, direct them to the bright path of life, truth and goodness.

Decorate their lives with everything good and saving, arrange their fate as if you yourself are good and save their souls with their own destinies! Lord God of our Fathers!

Give my children (names) and godchildren (names) a right heart to keep Your commandments, Your revelations and Your statutes. And do it all! Amen.

Maternal prayers for children: for health, protection, good luck

Strong prayer for children

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, in prayers for the sake of Your Most Pure Mother, hear me, sinful and unworthy of Your servant (name).

Lord, in the mercy of Your power, my child (name), have mercy and save his name for Your sake.

Lord, forgive him all the sins, voluntary and involuntary, committed by him before You.

Lord, guide him on the true path of Thy commandments and enlighten him and enlighten him with Thy light of Christ, for the salvation of the soul and the healing of the body.

Lord, bless him in the house, around the house, in the field, at work and on the road, and in every place of Your possession.

Lord, save him under the protection of Your Holy One from a flying bullet, arrow, knife, sword, poison, fire, flood, from a deadly ulcer and from vain death.

Lord, protect him from visible and invisible enemies, from all kinds of troubles, evils and misfortunes.

Lord, heal him of all diseases, cleanse him of all filth (wine, tobacco, drugs) and ease his mental suffering and sorrow.

Lord, grant him the grace of the Holy Spirit for many years of life and health, chastity.

Lord, give him Your blessing for a pious family life and pious childbearing.

Lord, grant me, unworthy and sinful servant of Yours, a parental blessing on my child in the coming mornings, days, evenings and nights, for the sake of Your name, for Your Kingdom is eternal, omnipotent and omnipotent. Amen.

Lord have mercy (12 times).

Maternal prayers for children: for health, protection, good luck

Prayer for Children I

Merciful Lord, Jesus Christ, I entrust to You our children whom You have given us by fulfilling our prayers.

I ask You, Lord, save them in ways that You Yourself know. Save them from vices, evil, pride, and let nothing that is contrary to You touch their souls. But grant them faith, love and hope for salvation, and may they be Your chosen vessels of the Holy Spirit, and may their life path be holy and blameless before God.

Bless them, Lord, that they strive every minute of their lives to fulfill Your holy will, so that You, Lord, can always abide with them by Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, teach them to pray to You, so that prayer will be their support and joy in the sorrows and consolation of their lives, and that we, their parents, may be saved by their prayer. May your angels always protect them.

May our children be sensitive to the grief of their neighbors, and may they fulfill Your commandment of love. And if they sin, then vouchsafe them, Lord, to bring repentance to You, and You, in Your inexpressible mercy, forgive them.

When their earthly life ends, then take them to Your Heavenly Abode, where let them lead with them other servants of Your chosen ones.

Through the prayer of Your Most Pure Mother of the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary and Your Saints (all holy families are listed), Lord, have mercy and save us, for you are glorified with Your Beginningless Father and Your Most Holy Good Life- giving Spirit now and ever and forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer for Children II

Holy Father, Eternal God, every gift or every good comes from You. I diligently pray to you for the children whom your grace has bestowed on me. You gave them life, revived them with an immortal soul, revived them with holy baptism, so that they, in accordance with Your will, would inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Preserve them according to Your goodness until the end of their lives, sanctify them with Your truth, may Your name be hallowed in them. Help me by Your grace to educate them for the glory of Your name and for the benefit of others, give me the necessary means for this: patience and strength.

Lord, enlighten them with the light of Thy Wisdom, may they love Thee with all their soul, with all their thoughts, plant in their hearts fear and aversion from all lawlessness, may they walk in Thy commandments, adorn their souls with chastity, diligence , long-suffering, honesty; protect them with Thy righteousness from slander, vanity, abomination; sprinkle with the dew of Thy grace, may they succeed in virtues and holiness, and may they grow in Thy favor, in love and piety. May the guardian angel always be with them and keep their youth from vain thoughts, from the seduction of the temptations of this world and from all kinds of crafty slander.

If, however, when they sin against You, Lord, do not turn Your face away from them, but be merciful to them, arouse repentance in their hearts according to the multitude of Your bounties, cleanse their sins and do not deprive them of Your blessings, but give them everything that is necessary for their salvation, saving them from every illness, danger, trouble and sorrow, overshadowing them with Your mercy all the days of this life. God, I pray to You, give me joy and joy about my children and make me stand with them at Your Last Judgment, with shameless boldness to say: “Here I am and the children whom You gave me, Lord.” Let us glorify Your All-Holy Name, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Maternal prayers for children: for health, protection, good luck

Prayer for Children III

God and Father, Creator and Preserver of all creatures! Grace my poor children


) with Your Holy Spirit, may He kindle in them the true fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom and direct prudence, according to which whoever acts, that praise abides forever. Bless them with true knowledge of Thee, keep them from all idolatry and false doctrine, make them grow in true and saving faith and in all piety, and may they remain in them constantly to the end.

Grant them a believing, obedient and humble heart and mind, may they grow in years and in grace before God and before people. Plant in their hearts love for Your Divine Word, so that they are reverent in prayer and worship, respectful to the servants of the Word and sincere in their actions with everything, bashful in body movements, chaste in morals, true in words, faithful in deeds, diligent in studies. happy in the performance of their duties, reasonable and righteous towards all people.

Keep them from all the temptations of the evil world, and let the evil community not corrupt them. Do not let them fall into impurity and unchastity, let them not shorten their lives for themselves and let them not offend others. Protect them in every danger, so that they do not suffer sudden death. Make sure that we do not see dishonor and disgrace in them, but honor and joy, so that Your Kingdom is multiplied by them and the number of believers increases, and may they be in heaven around Your meal, like heavenly olive branches, and with all the chosen ones they will reward You honor, praise and glorification through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Children IV

Lord Jesus Christ, be Thy mercy on my children (names). keep them under Your shelter, cover from every crafty lust, drive away from them every enemy and adversary, open their ears and eyes of the heart, grant tenderness and humility to their hearts. Lord, we are all Your creation, have pity on my children (names) and turn them to repentance. Save, Lord, and have mercy on my children (names) and enlighten their minds with the light of the mind of Your Gospel and guide them on the path of Your commandments and teach them, Savior, to do Your will, for You are our God.

Maternal prayers for children: for health, protection, good luck

Prayers for the health of the child

Prayer to Jesus Christ for children

Lord Jesus Christ, may Your mercy be on my children (names), keep them under Your shelter, cover from all evil, take away any enemy from them, open their ears and eyes, grant tenderness and humility to their hearts.

Lord, we are all Your creations, have pity on my children (names) and turn them to repentance. Save, Lord, and have mercy on my children (names), and enlighten their minds with the light of the mind of Your Gospel, and guide them on the path of Your commandments, and teach them, Father, to do Your will, for You are our God.

Prayer to the Trinity

O Most Merciful God, Father, Son and Holy Soul, worshiped and glorified in the Inseparable Trinity, look kindly on Your servant (e) (her) (name of the child) obsessed with disease (oh); forgive him (her) all his (her) sins;

give him (her) healing from the disease; return him (her) health and bodily strength; give him (her) a long-term and prosperous life, Your peaceful and most peaceful blessings, so that he (she) together with us brings (a) grateful prayers to You, the All-Generous God and my Creator. Most Holy Theotokos, by Your all-powerful intercession, help me to beg Your Son, my God, for the healing of the servant(s) of God (name). All saints and Angels of the Lord, pray to God for the sick (sick) servant of His (name). Amen

Maternal prayers for children: for health, protection, good luck

Prayers for the protection of children

Theotokos for protection over the children

O Most Holy Lady Virgin Mother of God, save and save under Your shelter my children (names), all the youths, maidens and babies, baptized and nameless and carried in the womb of their mother.

Cover them with the robe of Your motherhood, keep them in the fear of God and in obedience to your parents, implore my Lord and Your Son, may He grant them useful things for their salvation. I entrust them to Your Motherly care, as You are the Divine Protection of Your servants.

Mother of God, introduce me into the image of Your heavenly motherhood. Heal the spiritual and bodily wounds of my children (names), inflicted by my sins. I entrust my child entirely to my Lord Jesus Christ and Yours, Most Pure, heavenly patronage. Amen.

Prayer to the Seven Fathers in Ephesus for the Health of the Children

To the holy seven youths in Ephesus: Maximilian, Iamblichus, Martinian, John, Dionysius, Exacustodian and Antoninus. Oh, the most wonderful holy seven of the youth, the city of Ephesus praise and all the hope of the universe!

Look from the height of heavenly glory on us, those who honor your memory with love, and especially on Christian babies, entrusted to your intercession from your parents: bring down on her the blessing of Christ God, rekshago: leave the children to come to Me: heal those who are sick in them, comfort those who grieve; Keep their hearts in purity, fill them with meekness, and plant and strengthen the seed of the confession of God in the land of their hearts, grow them from strength to strength; and all of us, the holy icon of your coming, your relics kissing you with faith and praying warmly, vouchsafe the Kingdom of Heaven to improve and silent voices of joy there to glorify the magnificent name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel for children

Holy Guardian Angel of my children (names), cover them with your cover from the arrows of the demon, from the eyes of the seducer and keep their hearts in angelic purity. Amen.


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