What can our little brothers teach us?

From a small bug on the road to the mighty lion of the African savannas, animals of all kinds can teach us valuable life lessons. In the rush of daily life, we rarely have the opportunity to pay attention to the simple wisdom that is present in our fellows. Research confirms that animals are capable of experiencing deep emotions, not to mention their remarkable social cooperative skills. We also know that animals take care of each other as well as of humans. With the advent of civilization, man fenced himself off from the animal world and determined for himself the dominant role. Fortunately, not everyone shares this attitude of a person to an animal, and there are a number of good reasons for this. We propose to consider why a wild animal or beloved pet can become our teacher. Live in the present, here and now People often jump from one thought to another, from one place to another, without immersing themselves in the present moment. And this is not surprising, because we have the ability to analyze the past and the need to plan for the future. As a result, we often bury ourselves in thoughts such as “what will happen if …?”, As well as all sorts of worries about upcoming business meetings, fulfilling a plan, or lamenting about the irreparable mistakes of the past. All this is not inherent in the representative of the animal world. As difficult as it may be, we should learn to stay in the present moment from our younger brothers. Do not attach importance to words Interacting with each other, we are used to relying mainly on what the interlocutor says, that is, on his words. However, we neglect many other, perhaps more important, ways in which a person expresses himself. The tone and timbre of the voice, facial expressions, gestures and movements sometimes tell about intentions and emotions more accurately than words. love unconditionally When imagining an animal that loves no matter what, the first thing that comes to mind is a dog. This loving and devoted creature never refuses its support, loyalty and care to a person. Even if the owner is angry, the dog still treats him with all love. Be brave More than any other animal, an example of courage, strength and courage is the lion. He always accepts a challenge and does not give in to potential prey. A person who shows remarkable strength and courage during life’s difficulties has the heart of a lion. Listen more than talk Dolphins communicate with each other using a kind of shrill whistle, with which they recognize the location of each individual dolphin. Their communication system is rather complicated, they need to carefully and alternately listen to each other in order to determine the location in the big ocean. If the dolphins whistled at the same time, then they would not be able to find each other – these smiling animals have such perfect listening skills. People should take a cue from dolphins and learn to listen to each other more, because it is so important in building friendships, personal and business relationships. be able to forgive Unfortunately, elephants are often victims of poaching and other types of human abuse, in the process of which they lose family members. These animals are very intelligent and capable of experiencing a range of feelings, just like people. There are organizations that take in orphaned elephants that have seen their family members killed or tortured by human hands. Nevertheless, little elephants accepted human guardians, forgiving the irreparable loss, which is the fault of a person. Elephants are an example of the need to find the strength to forgive in any situation, even when the actions of the offender are unfair and incomprehensible.

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