Healthy lifestyle with a sense of humor: 10 funny but useful gadgets

1. An alarm clock that can … run away

If you want to develop the habit of getting up with the first rays of the sun or just stop being late for work in the early morning, a running alarm is your best assistant. In form, this is something between a small gyro scooter, a robot vacuum cleaner and a lunar rover. But its main feature is different: if you suddenly decide to turn off the triggered alarm while half asleep or try to postpone the signal, the gadget will randomly move around the room, without ceasing to make noise. Interestingly, he is not afraid of falling from shelves or bedside tables, or hitting furniture or walls. Agree, chasing the alarm clock in the morning is the best way to wake up quickly!

2. Cap with built-in fan

Keeping your head in the cold was advised by the creators of old Russian proverbs, and craftsmen from China followed it. It was there that they came up with the idea of ​​​​attaching a small fan powered by a solar battery to the visor of a baseball cap. A fashionable and funny gadget will not allow owners of even the thickest hair to sweat under the scorching sun.

3. Food container with safe function

If you’re struggling with a sugary or heavy food habit, get these containers for your kitchen. They have a display on the lids: it shows at what time the container can be freely opened, taking away the “prohibition” from there. At other times, it is almost impossible to access the content! Interestingly, among the customer reviews, there was another useful life hack: many people use containers to control not only cravings for constant snacking, but also, for example, addiction to smartphones and tablets. Gadgets are placed in a container and inhumanly locked, as if in a safe, until a certain time. They say it helped a lot!

4. Smart Plug

This is a great tool in the fight against overeating, especially for those who like to eat in front of the TV or at the computer. The fork communicates with your smartphone through a special application and counts how many times you eat per day, at what speed you chew food and in what volume. The analysis of this data is also supplied with useful tips for correcting nutrition! True, it is completely incomprehensible how you can eat, for example, pizza with a fork …

5. Mug with self-stirring function

Lovers of healthy matcha tea or vegetable cappuccino know how quickly the foam falls in these drinks. And that’s what makes them perfect! And again, Chinese masters came to the rescue: they supplied a seemingly ordinary cup with a small motor that ensures continuous stirring of the drink from the inside. The result is not only a fun, but also a really convenient gadget that will allow your favorite drink to remain foamy and mixed to the desired consistency until the last sip.

6. Door with built-in ping pong table

This invention is especially relevant for owners of small apartments and offices. As you know, movement is life, which is why it is so important to arrange active breaks for yourself during the working day. In an easy way, the inner door panel drops down to become the perfect table tennis surface. Five minutes of an exciting game with colleagues or friends – and you are filled with energy again! Just don’t forget to get a pair of cool rackets and a set of balls for such a door.

7. Neck clip for phone

Today, problems with the spine are much “younger” in comparison with the XNUMXth century. And the reason for this is smartphones! Have you noticed how much time we spend in an unnatural position? Stooped, with his nose down, a modern person is immersed in the fascinating world of social networks, instant messengers and mobile games. Meanwhile, osteopaths, chiropractors and neuropathologists warn: you can safely hold the phone only at eye level! Then problems with the spine can be avoided, and vision will not deteriorate. A good helper in this is a special holder (clamp) for the phone, which is a flexible arc. It is fixed on the neck and moves the gadget to a safe distance from the eyes, freeing the hands as well. True, it is difficult to imagine how a person with such a device, perhaps suitable for RoboCop, will move during rush hour in the Moscow metro. But everything will be fine with his health!

8. Anti-snoring nose clip

Few people know, but snoring is harmful not only to the nervous system of those around the sleeping person, but also to himself. Many doctors classify snoring as a disease. And all because it leads to frequent headaches, digestive disorders, the occurrence of nervous insomnia and other troubles. To get rid of snoring, someone even has to undergo an operation, during which all obstacles in the nasopharynx that interfere with free breathing are removed. But there is a simpler solution – a special clip that is fixed in the nostrils before going to bed and helps to cope with hissing and wheezing sounds. And foreign manufacturers who care about customers offer a wide range of such anti-snoring clips. For those who find the standard transparent clip boring, there are models that glow in the dark, encrusted with rhinestones, in the form of funny animals, dragons, unicorns and so on. There is no limit to show individuality even in a dream!

9. Cap for drying hair

Hair health is an important point in taking care of yourself. And it has long been known that drying wet hair with a dense jet of hot air is very harmful: it unnecessarily draws water from the hairs, makes them dry, brittle and leads to split ends. The best solution here, oddly enough, is a huge hair dryer cap, which was so popular in Soviet hairdressing salons. It distributes heat evenly, which allows you to create a kind of greenhouse effect, which is extremely useful for the appearance of the hairstyle. And now it may well be replaced by one of the latest developments of Chinese scientists – a fabric cap with a “sleeve”, which is fixed on an ordinary home hair dryer. This is a very convenient and economical solution, but when inflated from the air, this design looks incredibly funny!

10. Anti-wrinkle trainer on the neck and around the mouth

Another funny gadget, popular among the fair sex, is quite capable of replacing 15 minutes of Facebook building or a whole range of cosmetic services. The construction of dense silicone in the form of doll lips is fixed on the teeth. For the effect of a facelift, you need to clench and unclench your jaws. Such an exercise is simply worth seeing once to understand how much positive an invention that is useful for appearance can deliver!

Do not forget to please yourself and your loved ones with a useful gift for April Fool’s Day! And remember: a healthy lifestyle is not only a super-serious attitude towards yourself and your body, but also a developed sense of humor. Laugh to your health!

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