One line between the world and you. your skin.

  It’s not a secret for anyone: cosmetics and procedures in salons are presented in a way that is convenient and beneficial for a beautician. Information about the brand and equipment used for ordinary customers sometimes comes down to information about the name of cosmetics, the country of origin and the phrases “You will be very pleased! All my clients are just delighted with the effect!”. These words, like an advertising slogan, come from the lips of a nice girl of an aestheticist. Nobody argues that the brand is good, and the effect justifies the means. But for “eco-minded” people, this is not enough. We need to know what is behind all these effects, as well as what lies ahead for us, whether there may be consequences for us and nature. Unfortunately, the kitchen of professional cosmetics (PC) is closed for us. And none of the manufacturers will ever write the exact composition and method of cream production on the box, this is a “company secret”. Well, you don’t need to! We will “squeeze out” information from what we are allowed to know. 

The first thing to keep in mind is animal testing. For several years in a row, you can see a PC with a rabbit icon on its packaging. This is evidence that “not a single animal was harmed in the manufacture of these products.” Recently, there are more and more “rabbits” on packages. Even one of the most famous Spanish brands that produces injectables for cosmetologists has “acquired” such an icon, which, in principle, is nonsense! 

This is followed by certificates confirming the absence of “animal testing” – standard European or corresponding to a specific country that is not a member of the European Union (Turkey, India, Cyprus). Feel free to ask them in the salon: if the beautician is interested in you, he will respect your eco-stance and will definitely require the appropriate “not animal testing” certificate from the manufacturer. Asian countries, unfortunately, continue to test on animals. So just recently, a sales representative of a Chinese brand that offers carbon face masks came to me. In order not to waste my and his time in vain, I asked “head on” about testing “in vivo” – the answer was positive. Moreover, the representative, deciding that this was a clear “plus” of their company, showed several photographs depicting the skin of laboratory mice (the proposed masks were also intended for the treatment of trophic ulcers). After that we said goodbye. The chemical composition of PC is often a huge list of ingredients: one is the active ingredient, the other is the base that pushes the product deep into the skin, everything else is fragrances and preservatives. There is very little organic in PC, as it is sometimes expensive and impractical due to the short shelf life of products. And yet, you should not trust a product that can be stored for years – this does not mean at all that it is made from organic matter. The most acceptable shelf life of a PC is a year when closed and six months after opening. You can check the date of opening the package by looking at the journal, which, according to the rules, must be kept in the beautician’s office (laced and stamped). In the last decade, the variety of cosmetic procedures has reached a huge scale, and even we, the people directly working in this field, are sometimes not aware of all the new products. The new equipment, which has just entered the market, has passed only “superficial” checks. Predicting your body’s reaction to a particular procedure is not easy. Therefore, in the case when you are told that “the novelty is absolutely safe for health”, to believe or not to believe is your own business. But minimizing the electrical and laser effects on the body has not harmed anyone yet. Mesotherapy and other injection procedures, which solve almost all cosmetic problems, have firmly taken root in the minds of beauties and do not let go of their positions. Pharmaceutical giants have opened separate branches for the production of preparations for “beauty injections”. What is behind all this? Laboratory research, chemical toxins, tons of subsequent garbage, and, of course, side effects. They will certainly appear, if not immediately, but after the lapse of the N-th number of years (this secret is under oak lock from all manufacturers and cosmetologists). Of course, it is undeniable that this type of procedure brings results in the prevention of aging and other problems. But the bright minds of scientists have come up with a real alternative that does not require extra costs: the use of a person’s own plasma as a means for mesotherapy. It is natural and completely safe for us, because it is your immune cells that “go into battle”. At the same time, we do not cause any harm to nature: a minimum of garbage and no chemistry. I repeat: everyone decides for himself what to choose.        I would like to applaud people who do without professional help and take care of their skin at home. But if a person came to a beautician, this is also a good choice. The main thing, as they say, is not to overdo it! I have many clients who, in pursuit of youth and beauty, have gone through total plastic lifts and a number of other traumatic procedures. Their skin is no longer able to adequately respond to ordinary facials, which means there is no effect, the result of previous cosmetic effects is gradually fading away, as a result, the picture is not the most personal. We were created by nature as the most ideal in her opinion, which means that it should be so. But a well-groomed appearance is already our responsibility, and the sooner we realize this, the better. After all, beauty, like a dress, is cherished from a young age. Proper skin care, nutrition, drinking regimen, regular sleep and a minimum of insolation – these are the simple rules that will help maintain health, and, therefore, appearance. Coming to the beautician, you do not need to rush to everything that he can offer you. Moderation and regularity, manual techniques (manual facial massage), no more than two procedures for exposure to physiotherapy equipment in one visit, a minimum of injections – all this is competent and reasonable.         Do not turn your body into a military training ground to fight old age! My professional call to all: Aging gracefully! Love for your body and internal, psychological acceptance of the fact of its integrity with nature, and, therefore, irreversible senile (senile) manifestations is a great victory. Be well-groomed, not artificial, go in for sports, harden, love yourself and your body.

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