How to keep youthful: advice from a Tibetan doctor

The lecture began with a story by Zhimba Danzanov about what Tibetan medicine is and what it is based on.

Tibetan medicine consists of three principles – three doshas. The first is wind, the next is bile, and the last is mucus. The three doshas are the three life balances that interact with each other throughout a person’s life. The reason for the occurrence of diseases is the imbalance, for example, one of the “beginnings” has become excessively passive or, on the contrary, more active. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to restore the disturbed balance.

In the modern world, life for all people proceeds almost the same way, therefore, diseases in residents of megacities are similar. What influences health?

1. Lifestyle – work – home; 2. Working conditions – permanent presence in the office, sedentary lifestyle; 3. Meals – quick snacks along the way.

The main factor for the occurrence of the disease is the condition. We ourselves create the conditions for its occurrence. For example, in winter, instead of dressing warmer, we go out in sneakers and ankle-length jeans. According to Zhimba Danzonov, “a person’s health is his own business.”

In Tibetan medicine, there are four categories of diseases:

– superficial diseases; – acquired (associated with the wrong way of life); – energy; – karmic.

In any case, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, oriental methods are aimed at prevention (massage, herbal decoctions, acupuncture, and more). For example, to improve metabolism, you should exercise and eat right. At the same time, it should be understood that if a serious disease is found in a person, no one will treat it with herbs alone, traditional medical care is already required here.

Oriental medicine specialists never tire of repeating that proper nutrition is the key to good health. For each person, the diet is individual, depending on his preferences and body constitution. But, no matter what kind of food you prefer, meals must be separate. One of the most famous principles: milk should not be combined with fruit, dinner must be before 19 pm, and all portions during the day should be small. Each person determines their size for himself.

Another important point that was raised at the lecture concerns the preservation of youth, and speaking professionally, the preservation of the energy of fire. When we eat incorrectly, it affects the body. Food is fuel for the body, so you should not overeat. Danzanov stressed that every day you should eat foods high in calcium, as it is quickly washed out of the body. 

Also, to maintain youth, daily exercise is necessary. At the same time, the way to work and back home does not count, except for the case when you mentally set yourself up to do physical exercise throughout the entire journey to work. But in general, it is better to spend 45 minutes of time per day on training. For each type of “beginning” a certain direction in sports is provided. Yoga is preferred for wind, fitness for bile, and aerobics for mucus.

In addition, the doctor recommended that you monitor your posture and go for a massage at least once a month, as it is the prevention of many diseases (lymph stagnation forms in the human body due to a sedentary lifestyle).

Do not forget about spiritual exercises. Ideally, every day you should think about the meaning of life, positively assess what is happening around you and keep the peace of mind.

During the lecture, Danzanov showed a diagram of the location of points on the human body and clearly demonstrated how, by pressing on a certain point, one can get rid of, for example, a headache. The diagram clearly shows that all channels from points lead to the brain.

That is, it turns out that all diseases arise from the head?

That’s right, Zhimba confirmed.

And if a person harbors a grudge against someone or anger, then he himself provokes the disease?

All right. Thoughts undoubtedly influence diseases. Therefore, each person needs to look into himself, although it is quite difficult, few people can evaluate themselves self-critically. You need to learn to compete with yourself and be better tomorrow than today.

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