Nutrition for the tonsils

Many of us know that when you catch a cold, the first thing the doctor asks for is to show your throat. It is here, behind the palatine tongue, that the palatine tonsils – tonsils are located.

The tonsils perform a protective, immunomodulating and hematopoietic function. They are the first line of defense against inhaled pathogens.

Due to the fact that the tonsils are the first to meet the enemy, they are most often affected (mainly in childhood). And in order to prevent this, you need to know certain rules that will keep these organs strong and healthy.


Useful products for tonsils

  • Walnuts. Due to the content of polyunsaturated acids in them, they significantly improve the functioning of the tonsils. In addition, they contain juglone, which is a good defense against pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Chicken eggs. They contain lutein, due to which the normalization of the activity of the tonsils occurs.
  • Dark chocolate. It activates the protective function of the glands, is involved in providing them with oxygen.
  • Carrot. It is a source of provitamin A. It is responsible for the normal functioning of the cells of the tonsils.
  • Seaweed. Due to its iodine content, seaweed is one of the most important foods that can fight pathogenic microflora.
  • Fatty fish. Fish is rich in fatty acids that are essential for the normal functioning of the glands.
  • Chicken. It is a source of B vitamins and selenium, due to which the structuring of the glandular tissue occurs.
  • Apples. They contain pectins, thanks to which the cleansing function of the glands is carried out.
  • Chicory. Strengthens blood circulation in the glands. In addition, it stimulates metabolic processes in the glands.
  • Rosehip. Contains a large amount of natural vitamin C, which stimulates the protective function of the tonsils.

General recommendations

The full work of the whole body directly depends on the health of the tonsils. Problems with them can cause chronic inflammation. In order to protect the body as a whole, it is required to establish the protective function of the tonsils. To do this, you must:

  1. 1 Eat foods that are good for the tonsils;
  2. 2 Protect the tonsils from hypothermia;
  3. 3 Visit an ENT doctor regularly;
  4. 4 Take care of dental health.

Folk remedies for the restoration and cleaning of glands

  • In order to relieve the initial inflammation of the palatine tonsils, you should drink the juice obtained from two-year-old aloe leaves. The juice should be taken daily, in the amount of one teaspoon, in the morning, on an empty stomach. The course of treatment is 10 days.
  • Gargle with a solution of sea salt with the addition of 2-3 drops of pharmaceutical iodine.
  • As a therapeutic and prophylactic agent, you can advise a decoction made from five to six cloves. The spice is poured with a glass of boiling water and infused for 2 hours. Drink a quarter cup once a day. You can repeat it after 6 months.
  • To reduce the size of the tonsils and get rid of sore throats forever, calendula tincture will help. To do this, add 2 tablespoons of the tincture to a glass of warm water and rinse your throat 5 times a day. The solution should be warm for the first three days. Then its temperature must be gradually reduced to a minimum. Caution! You should not use cold water right away, you can get sore throat. Reduce the temperature gradually.

Harmful products for tonsils

  • French fries… Possesses carcinogenic properties that can cause neoplasms.
  • Products with added fructose… They cause destruction of the blood vessels of the glands.
  • Salt… Retains moisture in the body. As a result, the blood vessels of the tonsils are overloaded.
  • Preservatives… They are capable of causing irreversible changes in the glands.
  • Alcohol… Causes vasospasm, depriving the tonsils of vital components.

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