Love and loyalty in the animal world

Which of the representatives of the fauna can boast of strong families? First of all, swans. How many songs and legends are composed about swan couples! They remain faithful to each other “until death do us part.” These birds jointly raise chicks that do not leave the parental nest for a long time. And, interestingly, swan couples never quarrel, do not fight over food, do not try to share power in the family. There is someone to take an example from people.

No less than swans, doves are famous for their art of love – a symbol of peace and tenderness. They are incorrigible romantics. How captivating are their touching marriage dances. And after all, pigeons are the only representatives of the animal world that know how to kiss. Pigeons divide all household chores in half, build a nest together, hatch eggs in turn. True, pigeon nests are very sloppy and fragile, but isn’t true love higher than everyday life?

Crows also create monogamous pairs. If a male dies, his female will never again bind herself by family ties to another individual. Ravens are able to create real kindred clans. Grown up children stay with their parents and help raise the next generation of chicks. Such crow families can number 15-20 individuals.

Among mammals, an interesting relationship is observed in wolves. The wolf is the head of the family! But if he gets sick, dies, or, for some reason, leaves the pack, the female takes off her vow of fidelity. In this case, we are talking about serial monogamy. But while the male is in the ranks, he is fully responsible for the family. The wolf may remain hungry himself, but will divide the prey between the female, children and older relatives. She-wolves are very jealous and during the mating season they become aggressive towards other females, so they protect their “women’s rights”.

Is man by nature a monogamous being? There are different opinions on this matter. But as rational beings, we are capable of choosing to be monogamous. So that there are no broken hearts, so that there are no abandoned children, so that hand in hand until old age. To be like swans, to fly on the wings of love through adversity – is this not real happiness.

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