Basic exercises for knee pain

Many people avoid a systematic exercise regimen due to knee weakness. However, this kind of ailment should not become an excuse for lack of physical activity. Don’t let your knees get in the way of exercising! We bring to your attention several exercises for the knee joints. If you’re familiar with knee problems, you’re most likely avoiding deep squats. Indeed, such squats can be risky for muscular imbalances. However, partial (incomplete) squats can strengthen your knees. Lock your knees at the level of your toes. Do 8-12 repetitions in 2-3 sets. Lie on your side, feet on top of each other. Put your hand under your head. Position your waist slightly higher off the ground, pull your navel slightly inward. Bend both legs slightly at the knees, slowly raise the upper leg to shoulder level, while leaving the rest of the body motionless. It is important to feel how the gluteal muscles work – these muscles help stabilize the hip and knee muscles. Do 8-12 repetitions in 2-3 sets. Lying on your back, support your weight with one leg bent at the knee to lock the position. The other leg should be extended along the ground, the toes arched in such a way that the hand on the dial shows 1 o’clock. Slowly raise your leg, feeling tension in the navel. Raise to such a height that the legs are on the same parallel with each other. Hold the leg up for 3-4 seconds, slowly lower. Do 12-15 repetitions in 2-3 sets on each side. Remember: a hard muscle is a weak muscle, so it is very important to give the muscles a load for their subsequent relaxation.

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