Liver cleaning according to the method of Yuri Andreev

Cleansing the liver is one of the most important steps in cleansing the entire body. Strictly speaking, it is worth talking about the cleaning of the closely related system “gallbladder – liver”

Now there is a depressing and even barbaric situation. Modern medicine demonstrates a complete lack of logic in the treatment of the gallbladder. If it is dirty or clogged with stones, then you will most likely be asked to cut it out as unnecessary. But it is worth remembering that even if the consequences are eliminated in the form of a sick bladder, then the reasons that led to the occurrence of such dysfunction in the body remain unresolved. And the gallbladder is an organ that is extremely important for the normal functioning of the digestive system. Therefore, it would be wiser to take a completely different path. First of all, the bladder must be cleared of calculi that inhibit its activity and functioning. After that, it is worth taking care to adjust nutrition in such a way that a person can forget about the existing gallstone disease. This path is often more effective, bringing tangible results and health.

So what is needed to cleanse the liver? If you are going to carry out the procedure for the first time, then you need to take 300 grams of olive oil (not old) and the same amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice. At first, it is recommended to carry out such cleaning once a quarter, while each time increasing the amount of oil by 1-20 grams, and later to carry out cleaning once every 50-1 years – depending on the correctness of your nutrition and well-being.

It is worth noting that the largest stones, which are already considered stale, come out after 4-5 procedures, after which the gallbladder and liver received an almost absolutely pure state, which, of course, must be constantly maintained. Indeed, in conditions of “ecologically clean” nutrition, it is rather difficult to talk about the stability of the purity of internal organs.


On the first day you should give a cleansing enema, even better twice in the evening. In the morning, you put on a cleansing enema again, and then throughout the day you eat only apple juice. If you want to drink – apple juice, eat – also drink apple juice. By the way, your juice should not be purchased or canned from the factory, containing various chemical additives, but pressed from apples by you yourself, so that you can be sure of their purity and useful qualities.

The next day everything goes in the same way. In the morning – a cleansing enema, throughout the day – the use of apple juice. In case of a certain imbalance in the stomach with acidity, it is better to choose sweet apples for the juice. As a reminder, you should drink apple juice, not eat apple gruel.

The third day of the diet: in the morning again enema and until 19 o’clock – apple juice.

Until that time, you need to prepare in advance. First, you need a sofa that you can lie on, a large hot water bottle (this will need to be tied to the liver). To do this, you also need to take a sufficiently long dressing towel and a small one in order to put it under the heating pad. A glass should also be ready, in advance on it you should mark the volume of 3 tbsp with a line. l. olive oil, which must be heated to about thirty-five degrees. At exactly 19 o’clock, you need to take the first portion of the oil – 3 tablespoons – and wash it down with a tablespoon of lemon juice. After that, lie down on your right side, on a hot heating pad that warms up the liver, and every 15 minutes – exactly to the second – take the next dose: oil with lemon juice. This continues until you have drunk all the oil to the end. You will also drink all of the lemon juice with the last dose.

After such a procedure, it is worth lying and waiting for what will happen. It is also worth noting that you need to prepare a pot in advance in order to see what will come of you … And after a while – an hour or two, and perhaps after eight or nine hours – the liver ducts will open. Then she will begin to vigorously drive out of herself the entire mudflow into this pot. What will be outside? Bilirubin stones can come out, in some cases they are larger than the joint of your thumb. Black bile and yellow cholesterol flakes may come out. It is good if there is also mucus in the pot, which looks like a film. This suggests that you were already physically ready for cancer and this rejection will allow the half-choked organs to revive energetically. Most likely, the internal dirt will come out within an hour or two after you finish taking the “oil + juice”. Before going to bed, it is worth doing another enema in order to help the internal organs to expel toxins completely. In the morning, do an enema again, and again be surprised at How long nastiness has gathered in you. After that, you can eat light porridge and return to normal life.

Note: such a cleaning procedure cannot be carried out alone! Your loved one should be with you. Why? Because it is a small, but still an operation, in which you can experience weakness and deterioration in health, as well as heart weakness. Therefore, ammonia, a fan or even a corvalol must be prepared. You shouldn’t be afraid of anything, because after a possible attack of weakness, you will again feel normal and fall asleep like a child. However, the main thing is that you will be warmed by the knowledge that you freed yourself overnight from an explosive bomb in the “hold”, which could not be defused by any resorts and expensive procedures for a long time.

Of course, there is another way of cleaning, softer and more gentle. If you have relatives with gastritis who cannot drink apple juice for a long time, then they need to act differently. Cleansing enemas remain the same, and apple juice can be drunk one day less. This means that you should drink apple juice the same way for the first day. And on the second day, the intake of juice should be accompanied by those procedures that accelerate the process of opening the liver ducts.

On the liver at 7 am you need to put a canvas bag with pre-steamed flaxseed. It must be kept until one o’clock in the afternoon.

С hours to two – a break, the opportunity to relax.

С 2 to 7 o’clock in the evening, flaxseed is removed from this bag and steamed chamomile is put there. Such a bag on the liver is kept until the regular procedure with the intake of olive oil with juice.

This option allows people who are weakened and not accustomed to a juice diet to prepare for a liver cleanse faster by a day. There are many cleaning options available using olive oil. A person who is able to act more decisively can, after two days of preparation with apple juice, take the warmed oil twice, 150 grams each, adding pickled cucumber to each dose – for nausea.

There is also a simple way that makes it easier for the liver to cope with the breakdown of poisons in the body.

From one to three times a day throughout the week, you need to take one tablespoon of vegetable oil in your mouth and vigorously drive it with the movements of the cheeks and lips in the mouth, especially under the tongue, where the branched network of blood vessels is closest. This procedure should be carried out for 10-15 minutes. After that, the yellow mass, taken internally, turns into a bright white liquid.

Attention! Rinse out your mouth immediately afterwards, never swallowing a drop of water.

The thing is that this liquid is a terrible poison. It turns out that the poisons that are contained in the body have a fatty base. Passing blood under the tongue in direct contact with the sunflower oil base can cause the balls of poison to pass into the oily solution from the blood in the mouth. This is actually a terrible poison. There were cases when experimenters poured this poison into cabbage and fed it to a goat, which led the animal to painful death. If the goat was more resilient, then after such a “meal,” it lost its wool, which fell off from it in shreds. So, by periodically removing poisons from the blood, you contribute not only to regular cleaning, but also to facilitate the functioning of the suffering liver. Once you have a cleansing option that works for you, do it regularly to keep your liver and gallbladder healthy.

Based on materials from the book by Yu.A. Andreeva “Three whales of health”.

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