Lime! Healing properties of citrus.

For a long time, British sailors, making long journeys across the Atlantic Ocean, added lime juice to a glass of water to protect themselves from scurvy. Nowadays, the fruit does not lose its relevance, balancing the pH level in the body, increasing energy and strengthening immunity. The World Health Organization estimates that the malaria mosquito causes about 700 deaths each year. In developed countries, expensive drugs are available, but many are not able to provide themselves with such drugs, and here lime can come to the rescue. A recent study found that lime juice consumption has a significant beneficial effect in the treatment of malaria when combined with minimal drug therapy. This disease is hereditary and is characterized by a violation of the structure of hemoglobin. Left untreated, the disease leads to chronic pain, fatigue, and severe organ damage. Experiments with the use of lime juice recorded a reduction in pain and fever in children up to 000%. These diseases are infections in the small intestine that are caused by the consumption of water contaminated with faeces, as well as food with E. coli residues. Developing countries have problems with access to clean drinking water, which is the reason for the large spread of infections in these regions. Lime is able to disinfect water and food, killing the pathogens of cholera and E. coli. Thus, the fruit is an affordable natural rescuer from terrible ailments, mainly in undeveloped and developing countries.

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