How to build a happy relationship if your significant other never becomes a vegetarian?

Step-by-step action plan:

1. The first thing to do is to accept your soulmate for who she is. In the end, he (or she) is not so bad, but it worries, first of all, you. Almost all beginning vegetarians go through a stage of intolerance towards others. This stage is expressed in the categorical condemnation of those who act differently from you and do not notice or do not want to notice seemingly obvious things: the origin of meat, fish, their influence on well-being. Then this period passes, and there comes a time of tolerance and love for all living beings, and for people too, even those who eat meat. And it is right. If you are still offended by the contents of his/her plate, then you are the problem. A person is trying to prove the correctness of what he himself is not completely sure of. This is a subconscious desire to close one’s own unmet need. And it means only one thing – you need to work on yourself. For example, learn to accept and thank more than to reproach and demand.

2. Do not try to remake your soulmate, moralizing will not help, because this will only lead to scandals, unkind looks and lack of understanding. Everyone must come or not come to this on their own. And it’s okay if it doesn’t come. In the end, you love him for who he is. So accept. Do not forget that calm peaceful acceptance and natural demonstration of your lifestyle is much stronger than aggressive criticism. The image of an attractive and adequate person attracts much more than the image of a nervous and hysterical speaker.

3. You need to act gently – cook vegetarian dishes more often, treat them to your lover. Cook tasty, try new dishes, seek help from Vedic cooking recipes. There are a lot of hearty dishes filled with fireworks of flavors.

4. Specialized vegetarian stores now sell a lot of analogues of non-vegetarian products, which is worth only one vegetarian sausage, sausages, sausages, bacon, a vegetarian egg and even a vegetarian seaweed caviar. Replace ingredients in regular dishes with vegetarian ones more often. Try to cook Olivier with vegetarian sausage, fry Adyghe cheese in nori instead of fish, sandwiches with sausage or caviar, pea soup with smoked Adyghe cheese, a vegetarian “fur coat” with seaweed instead of herring, Caesar with smoked tofu or baked chickpeas instead of chicken. If desired, outwardly a vegetarian table may not differ at all from a traditional one. And the taste of few people will find a substitution. For the most part, non-vegetarians who try vegetarian versions of traditional dishes are satisfied with the taste, but do not eat because they do not want to complicate their lives. But you can help your soul mate with this.

5. If you need to cook non-vegetarian foods, try to shift this responsibility to your soulmate. Explain that you don’t mind your significant other eating meat, but you don’t like to touch it and cook it, and you won’t be able to cook these dishes with the love and warmth that you cook with vegetarian recipes. As a last resort, order the delivery of these dishes in cafes and restaurants if your lover does not want or cannot cook them for himself.

6. As if by chance, voice out loud the results of modern scientific research on the dangers of meat, or “accidentally” leave spreads with these articles on the table. Do not impose your personal opinion, operate with facts, but do it not in a heated argument, but in between times.

7. Do not forget that relationships are work, and, first of all, work on yourself, on your character, your emotions, your development. And our partners – those whom we have chosen to walk the path of life together – help us in all this. Close people always “mirror” the problems that we have in us a little, and this is an excellent reason for working on ourselves, improving and self-development.

Perhaps the most important lesson to learn from this article is that you can only change yourself, and you just need to accept others. Allow yourself to be yourself and allow others to be different. And listen to your heart, because it was it that helped you choose that very person.

Love to you, warmth and mutual understanding!



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