Lies and deception: what are we talking about, etiquette, quotes from the great

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How lies are different from deception

Lying is a phenomenon of communication, consisting in the deliberate distortion of the actual state of affairs. It is a deliberate product of speech activity aimed at misleading the audience. The essence of a lie: a liar believes or thinks one thing, and in communication deliberately expresses another.

Deception -it is a half-truth, provoking a person to erroneous conclusions, a deliberate desire of a deceiver to distort the truth. This type of lie is punishable by law in certain cases.

Lies and etiquette

Lies and etiquette are a strange combination! But it is so. Etiquette provides for the rules of how to deal with a person caught in a lie. “You are a liar!” – is a direct insult, and therefore it is better not to say that, unless one of the speakers is ready for a fight.

Under no circumstances should you say that if there is even the slightest chance that the one caught in a lie is sincerely mistaken, and not deliberately deceiving you.

Lies definitely shouldn’t go unnoticed. But the best way to put a liar in his place is to avoid unpleasant scenes. This will give him the opportunity to get better without losing too much face.

Answers such as “Perhaps we are talking about different cases” or “I think you are misinformed because I know for sure…” will have a greater effect if it contains cold politeness.

You can get rid of a person’s chronic lies only by staying as far away from him as possible.

A person capable of deliberate deception cannot be reliable in all other respects. However, some small deviations from the truth are, of course, a completely different matter. For all of us, life would be unbearable without some polite excuses.

For example, when declining an invitation to dinner, you should say, “I’m sorry, but I have other plans for this day” (even if “other plans” are sitting at home with a book.

Lies and deception: what are we talking about, etiquette, quotes from the great


  • “A liar is much worse and more serious crimes than a killer on the highway” Martin Luther
  • “All people are born sincere and die liars” Vauvenargue
  • “He who once knows how to deceive, he will deceive many times more” Lope de Vega
  • “We would lie less to our wives if they weren’t so curious” I. Gerchikov
  • “All people are born truthful, and they die as deceivers” L. Vovenargue

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