Daniil Spivakovsky: biography and amazing facts


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Biography of Daniil Spivakovsky

This talented actor with an unusual appearance always attracts interest and is very popular with viewers.

The biography of Daniil Ivanovich Spivakovsky begins in Moscow, where he was born on August 28, 1969. – Virgo, height 1,8 m. Imagine a future psychologist decides to become an actor!

Danila was raised by her grandparents (a military pilot) and her mother, a professor at Moscow University, Doctor of Science, a well-known psychologist and psychotherapist Alla Semyonovna Spivakovskaya.

Mom constantly told interesting things from the field of psychology. In the future, the son presented himself only as a psychologist. It is to her that Daniel is grateful for her good upbringing: “She instilled in me good taste, a sense of proportion, which, in my opinion, is very important in a person’s life, and even more so in the profession of an artist.”

After school in 1986, Danila applied to the Faculty of Psychology at Moscow State University, but not getting one point, he could not enter the first year, went to work as an orderly in a psychiatric hospital.

The loss of the year played a cruel joke with Danila: a decree was issued abolishing benefits for full-time students, and from the first year he ended up in the so-called “Leninist enrollment” – he was drafted into the army. He served in the signal troops for two years.

Lowest bow to this intelligent family for honesty and decency. Another mother, a professor at Moscow State University, would have used her connections and the son would have entered the Moscow State University the first time and he would not have had to work as an orderly and serve in the army.

🙂 Figaro here + Figaro there = two scholarships

After serving two years in the signal troops, in 1989 Danila was reinstated at the institute. However, he did not forget his love for theater and went with friends to the Student Theater of Moscow State University.

In the spring, he and his friends went to enter a theater university for a company. Friends tried to enter different universities, for loyalty, Spivakovsky did everywhere with them. It turned out that he was admitted to three theater universities at once, but he chose GITIS to study.

The resourceful student went to school, said that he had lost his certificate and received a duplicate, which he took to the educational unit of GITIS and was enrolled. So he studied for four years at two institutes, in full-time departments.

The “plus” of this situation was that there were also two scholarships. It was also lucky that the universities were close to each other – almost like Figaro, the student ran from lecture to lecture, with varying degrees of success combining Stanislavsky’s system and the theory of interpersonal communication.

Daniil Spivakovsky: “I ran from Kislovsky lane to Mokhovaya and back several times a day. I was just lucky that I studied at GITIS, it is located very close to the building of the psychology department. So the “races” went for short distances.

Sometimes I took two exams in one day. Although it was hard, it was impossible to complain to the theater teachers about fatigue and chronic lack of sleep ”.

Since 1992 he has been working at the Vladimir Mayakovsky Theater. The first serious success of the actor on the stage of the renowned theater was the role of Albert in the play “Banquet” based on the play by Simon, which brought Spivakovsky popularity in theatrical circles and the glory of the best young actor in Moscow.

Despite the resounding success in the theater, Spivakovsky first appeared on the screen only in 2000. Now in his filmography there are about 90 films.

Women of Daniil Spivakovsky

Daniil Spivakovsky: biography and amazing facts

Anna Ardova and Daniil Spivakovsky

Anna Ardova

The first wife is Anna Ardova. In the early 90s, they both studied at GITIS on the same course and at first they were just friends, and she often told Danila’s mother, a famous psychologist, about her failed romances and other girlish problems. Imagine her surprise when she learned that Ardova would become her daughter-in-law!

The couple turned out to be too temperamental. Their frequent quarrels with cold water splashing and pans flying around the kitchen could really end badly. However, this couple broke up on good terms. The official divorce was formalized only five years after their real separation.

Daniil Spivakovsky: biography and amazing facts

Daniel and Olesya Sudzilovskaya

Olesya Sudzilovskaya

The beautiful actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya was Spivakovsky’s common-law wife for a long time. But now not one of them wants to remember this. Even when Tina Kandelaki undertook to torture the actor on the air of the “Details” program, he did not reveal his secret.

Olesya herself had the imprudence to speak well of her former lover in an interview. True, since then she prefers to talk about the past without names.

It is likely that this quote of her refers precisely to Daniel: “Real friendship developed only with one of them – my former common-law husband. We can call each other at any time to share the most personal problems.

Yes, there was a certain period of time when we did not communicate at all. The separation process was very painful for us. But then it was somehow forgotten, and everything went great. We communicate very delicately, not remembering the past, not offending each other. “

Daniil Spivakovsky: biography and amazing facts

Spivakovsky and Spivak

Emilia Spivak

The next lady of our hero’s heart was Emilia Spivak. It would seem that fate itself pushed these artists together with such consonant names. But their romance lasted only one year and ended in 2006 – just before the meeting of Danila and his current wife Svetlana.

“We are in a normal relationship. I believe in fate. If it did not work out with this person, then it should be so. And if people are destined to be together, they will still come together, no matter what grievances and quarrels may occur between them. You need to be able to let go of a man, to say thank you to him. I am glad that my former friend found his happiness, ”Emilia once said.

Daniil Spivakovsky: biography and amazing facts

Daniel with his wife Svetlana

Heavenly angel named Svetlana

Daniil Spivakovsky met his wife Svetlana in August 2006 under the most romantic circumstances. He flew to St. Petersburg to shoot “House on the English Embankment”, and she worked on the flight as a flight attendant.

However, in this story, Daniel himself played the role of the creator of his fate to a greater extent, who had to show great perseverance and perseverance in order to conquer his “love from heaven”

At the time of their acquaintance, Svetlana was 19 years old, and the actor – 37. For about two months he was just looking for a meeting with her, for about a year the couple met periodically. Then Spivakovsky came together for six months, convincing Sveta of the full seriousness of his intentions, and offered to get married.

At the moment, the couple have three wonderful children. Svetlana moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow to her husband, with understanding that he is rarely at home. Today, the actor’s personal life is full of the joy of fatherhood. Children: daughter Daria, sons Daniel and Andrey.

“Now I am happy – with me the one that I love very much,” – once admitted Daniel. Over the years, his feelings did not dull at all.

Daniil Spivakovsky: biography and amazing facts

Happy family. Great!

Daniil Spivakovsky: biography

Daniil Spivakovsky. The fate of a man with Boris Korchevnikov

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