Leave the Christmas tree in the forest: some ideas for unusual Christmas trees

We already . And now we offer a few ideas on how to make a Christmas tree with your own hands in accordance with your mood and the atmosphere in which you will celebrate YOUR New Year.

1. Edible Christmas tree, what could be better? After the holidays, you don’t have to sadly remove the symbol of the holiday on the mezzanine. The edible tree will gradually disappear by itself. Dream up. Make a Christmas tree out of fruits or vegetables. From sweets or gingerbread. You can even try to build a Christmas tree from healthy drinks.

2. Broccoli tree. How do you like this idea? If you have been thinking about rethinking your diet for a long time, then New Year’s Eve is the right time to start taking action. And let this small and useful broccoli Christmas tree on the festive table become a symbol of your determination.

3. Do you like to spend cold winter evenings reading a book? Do you have a large library at home? It’s time to go through the existing collection and build a pyramid in the form of a Christmas tree. Build a small “Christmas tree” on the table, or a huge one in the most honorable place in your apartment. Decorate with a garland and multi-colored stickers with wishes for your near and future self.

Be sure that such a Christmas tree will definitely surprise all the guests, and inspire someone to read.

4. If suddenly you did not have time to complete the repair for the holidays, this is not a reason to be upset. Use improvised materials to create a holiday and spend it at home. For example, make a stepladder tree. Hang tools on it, decorate with a garland, CDs and whatever else you can find. Good mood is guaranteed.

5. How about a flat Christmas tree? Let the children draw a Christmas tree on the wall, on the door or on the glass, or make it yourself with duct tape – it won’t leave marks. Decorate with family photos, colorful wishes stickers, drawings and toys. Hang a garland. Dressing up such a “Christmas tree”, you will have fun with your family.

Remember to turn off the garland if you are about to leave. Left unattended, it may cause a fire.

Come up with your own ideas, involve friends, children and relatives. Make your Christmas tree, put mood, energy and good thoughts into it. Spend time with your loved ones and loved ones for an exciting activity. This experience will definitely be remembered for years to come.




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