Vegetarianism and Islam

I already told you once, my dad is 84 years old – wow, what a fine fellow! May Allah bless him again! He always ate meat and a lot. I don’t remember a day without meat, I don’t even know that we cooked something without meat, except for pies with potatoes and cheese, and baked in vegetable oil, then we ate either with butter or homemade sour cream.

And the meat was always his own, dad himself cut it in the household yard. I even used to help my dad hang a lamb on a hook … well, somehow I didn’t even think that there was a “sorry for the lamb” or something else, and then I poured more salt on a freshly skinned skin, and carried it out into the sun, so that it dries up … And they also gave a bowl of blood to the dogs, I calmly took the bowl in my hands and took it to the garden – well, if a dog wanders (we didn’t have our own).

And as a child, and a schoolgirl, and already an adult – it never really shocked me, but didn’t even bother me at all. And now I read this site, looked at the pictures and … well, in general, everything turned upside down in me … I can’t imagine that a piece of meat would crawl through my throat …

They, animals, are the same as we are: they are also born, give birth, feed children … But what? Here, lions, for example – they eat human flesh. Why don’t we take it easy? Why, if a rabid dog gnaws a person (Allah saklasyn), we do not say that the dog was “insane” and do not forgive her the death of her brother? Why is this dog being shot, but the owner is fined, or even more so – they are tried for not spotting the dog?

If we can eat others, is it logical that others should be allowed to eat us? And if others can’t eat us, then we can’t eat others … In general, I don’t know how thoroughly it is and how long I will live with such thoughts, but I know one thing for sure: this site turned all my views about food, about the purpose of food, and in general about who is for whom – food for me or I for food, food must eat me (in the sense of absorbing my time, my strength, my money, destroying my healthy body and destroying a healthy spirit), or I will eat food (in order to it did me good, not harm); should I let food stifle the goodness in me, make a flayer out of me, or tell her that I am kind, that I will not eat the meat of those born like me, that other food is enough for me?

But here is just one point that confuses me: the Koran says that in addition to pork, donkey, something else, maybe a dog (I don’t remember exactly), any other meat can be eaten … Although, if you think about it, it says that and 4 wives you can have … But this is “possible”, and not necessary …

In total, it turns out that I do not violate my religion – Islam, if I do not eat meat. How good it is to be a reasonable person – when you explain to yourself, then you make it easier and more confident.

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