Japanese scientists have discovered what food leads to weight loss

Japanese scientists analyzed what people ate from 136 countries and concluded that there is a product that regular use significantly reduces the risk of obesity.

This product is rice. Experts concluded that if you use it regularly, then obesity is not a threat.

The study revealed that in countries where people eat about 150 grams of rice every day, obesity was much lower. Most of the rice people eat, according to information received, in Bangladesh ( 473 g per day). France took the 99-th place; their people eat only 15 grams of rice, the USA — 87-th with 19 g.

How does it work?

Professor Tomoko Imai noted that overeating could keep present in the rice fiber nutrients. Due to its properties, they increase the feeling of fullness, thereby preventing obesity. Rice also contains little fat and leads to a small increase in glucose level in the blood after a meal.

But, of course, this does not mean that rice can be eaten as much as you wish. Of course, you should stick to a balanced diet and count calories. The main thing – not to exclude such a useful product like a pic from a weekly menu.

Japanese scientists have discovered what food leads to weight loss

What to cook with rice

For lunch or dinner, prepare vegetable casserole with rice or hotchpotch with rice and tomatoes – a hearty and delicious. Generally, rice is the perfect side dish for fish and meat. Suitable rice and as a base for delicious desserts, for example, you can make rice pudding.

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