Audio lectures “Children’s health in Ayurveda” by doctor Elena Oleksyuk

During the lecture, Elena Oleksiuk, an Ayurvedic doctor, therapist, pediatrician, neonatologist, spoke about the health problems most common in children in Russia, what mistakes parents make and about the peculiarities of using Ayurvedic methods and means in our latitudes.

From Elena’s point of view, now in Russia, parents are often inclined to extremes – either they believe only in Western medicine and reject naturopathic remedies, or vice versa. Elena Oleksiuk advocates the middle way and talked about how to make a reasonable choice in a particular case.

We invite you to listen to the audio recording of the lecture.

PS We apologize for the fact that the listeners’ questions are not always heard at the end, sometimes it was not possible to ask them into the microphone.

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