Interesting facts about … camels!

Camel cubs are born without humps. However, they are able to work within a few hours after birth! Camels call their mothers with the sound “beee”, very similar to the sound of lambs. Camel mother and child are extremely close and remain attached to each other for several more years after birth.

Interesting Camel Facts:

  • Camels are very social animals, they move around the desert in search of food and water in the company of up to 30 individuals.
  • With the exception of the situation when males compete among themselves for a female, camels are very peaceful animals, which rarely show aggression.
  • Contrary to popular belief, camels do NOT store water in their humps. The humps are actually reservoirs for fatty tissue. By concentrating fat in a specially designed place, camels can survive in the extreme conditions of hot deserts.
  • Asian camels have two humps, while Arabian camels have only one.
  • Camel eyelashes consist of two rows. Nature did this in order to protect the eyes of camels from the sands of the desert. They can also close their nostrils and lips to keep sand out.
  • The ears of camels are small and hairy. However, they have highly developed hearing.
  • Camels can drink up to 7 liters per day.
  • In Arab culture, camels are a symbol of endurance and patience.
  • Camels have such a significant impact on Arab culture that there are more than 160 synonyms for the word “camel” in their language.
  • Although camels are wild animals, they still participate in circus performances.


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