5 must-see places in South India

South India is rich in its original culture, which distinguishes it from all other regions of the country. Moreover, each individual state in South India has retained its local traditions, unlike others. Intricate temple architectures, historical ruins, palm-fringed water channels, hills, and beaches will provide you with a variety of fascinating experiences and experiences. Don’t miss out on the top 5 tourist destinations in South India, which are listed below:

1. Hampi One of the main historical sites of India, the village of Hampi in the state of Karnataka, was once the capital of Vijayanagara – one of the greatest Hindu empires in the history of India. Here you will find mesmerizing ruins that are replaced by large boulders throughout the landscape. The ruins stretch for just over 25 kilometers and have 500 monuments on their territory. Here you will feel the incredible, captivating energy. Hampi is a popular destination for tourists from GOA. 2. Fort Kochi

Known as the “Gateway of Kerala”, Kochi is a charming eclectic city. Arabs, British, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese – all these nationalities have left their mark here. Rich in architecture and historical sites, Fort Kochi is a great hiking destination. Here you can get to the Kathakali dance performances, as well as try Ayurvedic treatment. 3. Keralsi backwaters

One of the most relaxing things to experience in Kerala is a boat trip through the Kerala canals, known as backwaters. It seems that time has stopped there. Indian cuisine prepared by the chef on board will make your trip even more enjoyable. You even have the opportunity to spend the night on a boat in the middle of the water, isn’t it bliss?

4. Varkala

Varkala Beach in Kerala is truly breathtaking with its winding cliffs and views of the Arabian Sea. The paved trail along the cliff is bordered by coconut trees, quaint shops, beach shacks, hotels and guest houses. At the bottom of the cliff, a long beach line with shiny sand is conveniently located, within walking distance from the cliff. No wonder Varkala is considered one of the best beaches in India. At the end of March-beginning of April, you have the opportunity to get to the temple festival in Varkala.

5. Madurai

 In the ancient Madurai state of Tamil Nadu is the most impressive and significant temple in southern India – Meenakshi Temple. If you are destined to see only one South Indian temple, then it must certainly be Meenakshi. The city of Madurai is over 4 years old and still maintains its status as the center of Tamil culture. During its heyday, during the reign of the Nayak dynasty, many temples and structures with incredible architecture were built. Today, Madurai is equally attractive for both pilgrims and tourists. It is very interesting to walk along the narrow streets of the old city.

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