In St. Petersburg, they chose “mother of the year”

In St. Petersburg, they chose “mother of the year”

Clever girls, beauties and the most wonderful mothers in the world. Woman’s Day has summed up the voting results and is ready to name the name of the “mother of the year” in St. Petersburg!

Time flies by, and the voting in the nomination of the ” Choice” contest, which is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Woman’s Day website, has already been completed.

Recall that this large-scale federal project includes several nominations that took place at the regional stages – in all major cities of Russia. In December, the winners and awardees will participate in the federal stage of the competition.

The last nomination was dedicated to charming mothers of St. Petersburg, who shared soulful family photos and advice on raising children.

11 charming mothers took part in our competition. Among them were mothers with many children, and mothers who recently learned all the joy of motherhood. And a joyful event took place in the family of one of our contestants during participation in the competition: on November 25, Yulia Gromova had a daughter, Tamara, who became the third child in the family (Yulia and her husband Dmitry have 17-year-old daughter Victoria and 9-year-old son Roman) …

And now, attention (drum roll!) – we are announcing the names of the winners and prize-winners of our competition.

1st place. Anastasia Lukyanova, 30 years old – 40% of the votes

At the moment, Anastasia is the happy mother of the best girl in the world, the winner of the titles “Mrs. St. Petersburg Style” and Mrs Chef 2017, as well as “Mrs. CIS – 2017”. She is raising her daughter Yesenia – she is already 1 year and 1 month old.

“2017 is a year of changes for me. Habits, values, interests have changed. My whole life has changed, because the most important and invaluable person has appeared in it – my daughter. This is the most amazing time: the time to discover this world together, conquer it step by step, taste it and toughness, grow, change, learn new things, give every part of yourself, surprise and be surprised, and enjoy the achievements of a little miracle every day “, says Anastasia.

2nd place. Natalia Novodvorskaya, 27 years old – 19,3% of the votes

Natalia is a Corresponding Editor at Social Television. Beloved son Artem was 28 years old on November 7.

“It is difficult to raise a child when you are both a mother and a father to him. But I try and he says I can handle it. The secret is simple: a lot of love, but not lead to effeminacy. The most important thing is that the mother understands that at any age the child is already a person, ”Natalya says.

3rd place. Marina Zima, 32 years old – 16% of the votes

Marina is an artist, make-up artist, eyebrow artist and lashmaker, finalist of the competition “Mrs. St. Petersburg – 2017”. Raises his son Roman – he is 4 years old.

“Romka loves to paint. He draws wherever possible: for this purpose, washable wallpapers have been installed in the apartment. Perhaps his craving for creativity was born from observing his mother painting on canvases. Sometimes we sit next to each other and start creating together, ”says Marina.

During the week, the editors will contact the winner and prize-winners of the competition and tell you where and when you can pick up prizes – certificates for the photo service “Swimming with Dolphins” in the St. Petersburg Dolphinarium on Krestovsky Island.

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